bring (someone or something) before (someone or something)

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bring (someone or something) before (someone or something)

1. To bring someone to appear in front of someone, such as a judge or superior, for evaluation, criticism, or punishment. A noun or pronoun can be used between "bring" and "before." That high-profile criminal will be brought before a judge today. In light of the ugly incident yesterday, we should bring John before a disciplinary committee.
2. To present something, such as information, evidence, etc., to a person or group. We have to bring these findings before the board of trustees, regardless of the scandal it might ultimately reveal.
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bring someone before someone or something

to bring a person to an authority, such as a judge, for criticism or discipline. They brought Terri before the committee for her explanation. I brought you before me to explain your side of the story.
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bring something before someone or something

to bring a matter to the attention of someone or a group. I wanted to bring this matter before you before it got any worse. I will have to bring this matter before the committee.
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As they could not agree, they ordered all their treasures to be brought before them that they might be compared.