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jump the broom

1. To jump from one side of a broom to the other with one's new spouse. A custom that originates in various European heritages, it is now a widespread tradition in African-American communities. The phrase can also be written as "jump (over) the broomstick." It's important to me that we both jump the broom during our ceremony. Jumping over the broomstick symbolizes the sweeping away of one's past life and the start of a new one with your spouse.
2. By extension, to get married. It seemed like Thomas wasn't ever going to jump the broom, but I suppose it's never too late to find love. Martin and Mary will be jumping the broom next summer.
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jump over the broomstick

Rur. to get married. Jim and Jane have decided to jump over the broomstick. The happiest day of my life was when your mother said she'd jump over the broomstick with me.
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But getting half an hour of broomstick training topped the lot.
Static Bend and Row Holding a broomstick, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent.
They even had space for their broomsticks. Yes, you've guessed it, we just had to see the Harry Potter film, so I dug out a couple of broomsticks left over from Hallowe'en - not my usual mode of transport, whatever some might say.
Mr Purser said: "He clapped and swore loudly on a regular and repeated basis, causing families on either side regular harassment, alarm and distress." e court heard divorced Huss." sain began his harassment capaign as soon as he was free of the ASBO restrictions imposed over the broomstick attack.
Sam also plays for his university team, the Bangor Broken Broomsticks, but this will be his first foray in international quidditch, which he says is 'very exciting'.
Instinctively, he grabbed a broomstick and poked the dad-of-two on his head before chasing barefoot outside and hitting him again in their town of Abingdon, Oxon.
STEPHEN MAGUIRE reckons Ronnie O'Sullivan is so magical he could ditch his new cue for a broomstick.
When he had the picture enlarged, he said the ghoulish figure, which looks to be floating on a broomstick, was even more obvious.
Next year I'll be ready for them with my broomstick!
Paul Dainty, who has 32 convictions, shot Mr Sukhdev Singh when the manager grabbed a broomstick in a bid to fight him of the Court of Appeal was told.
In this wonderfully catchy tale, the witch and her cat are flying happily along on their broomstick when a stormy wind blows the witch's hat, bow and wand away into the night.
A TEACHER accused of performing a sex act with a broomstick in front of pupils has failed in a marathon legal bid to prove she was unfairly sacked.
Spells can be cast with a flick of the wrist, potions can be shaken and stirred, and guiding Harry over the Quidditch field on his broomstick is controlled by deftly manipulating the Wiimote.
For the witch in you at Hallowe'en, check out this wicked hat and dig out a broomstick. Witches Hat, pounds 5 from Marks & Spencer; stockists 0845 302-1234 or
ARMED suspects being hunted by police turned out to be a youth holding a broomstick.