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brood over

To worry anxiously or be despondent about something or someone, especially at great length and in isolation. I know you're upset about failing your exam, but don't brood over it all weekend. Tom's been brooding over our financial situation ever since he got laid off last month.
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brood about (someone or something)

To worry, fret, or obsess over someone or something. Quit brooding about that fight you had with your girlfriend and just talk to her already! Recent financial losses have the boss brooding about the future of our small company.
See also: brood

brood about someone or something

 and brood on someone or something; brood over someone or something
to fret or be depressed about someone or something. Please don't brood about Albert. He is no good for you. There's no need to brood on Jeff. He can take care of himself.
See also: brood
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Equipment checkAfter confirming that the equipment capabilities meet the number of chicks to be placed, install the necessary brooding equipment and check that they are functional.
Analysis of As (III) bio-accumulation in our recent study revealed adverse effects on the health conditions of birds since it results in decreased body weight, decreased feed consumption, decreased feed conversion, higher mortality rate and lowered core internal body temperature within first 14 days of brooding period [19].
The only significant negative impact of hypoxia that we noted was the abandonment of brood tubes by some of the mothers (7 abandonments out of 31 brooding mothers).
Secondary goals were to determine if there was a difference in brooding by site and time and to describe temporal change in larval development.
As far as we are aware, these are the first confirmed records of double brooding in Arctic populations of Northern Wheatears or in any other Arctic-breeding passerines, with the possible exception of rare and geographically marginal cases in the Common Redpoll.
Based on our calculations, the eggshells of Troodon were very similar to those of brooding birds, which tells us that this dinosaur did not completely bury its eggs in nesting materials like crocodiles do," study co-author Zelenitsky, assistant professor of geosciences, (http://www.
Females of Lethocerinae deposit the egg masses on emergent vegetation, and brooding male role is aimed at hydrating egg clutches and protecting them against predators, including unrelated females (Ichikawa 1988, 1995).
One of them is now brooding a second clutch of eggs.
At the end of a week of brooding and sharp-tongued critiques, O'Neal was predictably intense come tipoff.
If we cannot manage the mental aspect of our game, we will find ourselves in a constant state of mental and physical exhaustion -- brooding, sulking, prisoners of our emotion, unable to recognize possibilities and workable situations.
Olitski suggests there is no heaven, only mythologized sky, with light breaking through the gathering darkness and brooding clouds.
A new Palais de Justice, in Nantes, is a brooding presence on the banks of the Loire and the latest in a series of regional law courts in France.
Thus, the productivity and structure of the surrounding forest stands may also differ, providing a better brooding habitat for grouse.
Mass loss in brooding female Pied Flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca: no evidence for reproductive stress.