brood about

brood about (someone or something)

To worry, fret, or obsess over someone or something. Quit brooding about that fight you had with your girlfriend and just talk to her already! Recent financial losses have the boss brooding about the future of our small company.
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brood about someone or something

 and brood on someone or something; brood over someone or something
to fret or be depressed about someone or something. Please don't brood about Albert. He is no good for you. There's no need to brood on Jeff. He can take care of himself.
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A) Mean brood production rating of test colonies with brood: 4 = excellent, substantially more brood than workers; 3 = good, brood about equal to workers; 2 = poor, brood substantially less than workers; 1 = bad, only a little brood visible; and 0 = no brood.
At this point, workers would frequently pile brood about the snake or in the burrows next to the snake.
They feel hopeless and worthless, brood about death and dying, and may exhibit suicidal behavior.