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brood over

To worry anxiously or be despondent about something or someone, especially at great length and in isolation. I know you're upset about failing your exam, but don't brood over it all weekend. Tom's been brooding over our financial situation ever since he got laid off last month.
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brood about (someone or something)

To worry, fret, or obsess over someone or something. Quit brooding about that fight you had with your girlfriend and just talk to her already! Recent financial losses have the boss brooding about the future of our small company.
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brood about someone or something

 and brood on someone or something; brood over someone or something
to fret or be depressed about someone or something. Please don't brood about Albert. He is no good for you. There's no need to brood on Jeff. He can take care of himself.
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One particularly important gene is Vitellogenin-like A, which is very active in brood carers.
To investigate whether attributes of brood crevices differed from randomly available crevices, we identified a subset of rock outcrops where all crevices could be surveyed.
Brood morphology lies along a gradient, and there may be notable effects of these differences on zoeae.
"Brood management is a conservation tool that has been used successfully in other countries, with other species and has the potential to make real progress on this issue.
Mean brood size differed between years ([F.sub.3,12] = 4.00, p = 0.007) but not between moved and resident birds ([F.sub.1,12] = 1.45, p = 0.228).
guttula broods to determine whether brood parasitism could be successful between these species and whether they exhibit an adaptive response to brood parasitism by detecting and removing parasites.
Number of worker cells per unit area: The average numbers of worker cells per unit area were determined as the number of worker brood cells/dm2 in built combs.
Lone Tree oysters brooded larvae for almost an entire month before the previously reported critical DMWT threshold of 12.5[degrees]C was recorded on May 27, 2015 (Fig.
Selection for honey production was performed by evaluation of morphometric characteristics and emergence weight of queens and hygienic behavior by assessing the removal of dead brood within 24h by worker honeybees in colonies daughters of mother queens (Costa-Maia et al., 2011; Wielewski et al., 2012).
Well fed fire ant laboratory colonies do not normally stop producing brood as long as temperatures remain at or above 25[degrees]C and below 32[degrees]C (Porter 1988), unless the colonies are diseased or seriously stressed in some way.
ECHO reader Danielle Stages, who tweeted @ LivEchonews the lovely picture of the cute brood, said she noticed the swans and their offspring as she was out walking in her local park.
Cleft-lipped, navel-less miniature mutants--dressed inexplicably in Devo-esque jumpsuits--are the chilling bogeymen in David Cronenberg's 1979 horror film, The Brood. Scarier, though, is what unleashes them: the unorthodox therapeutic practice of Dr.
The queen should be laying well and you should have a nice brood pattern with brood in all stages on two to four frames of honeycomb.
Most Arctic-breeding passerines raise a single brood in a season, presumably because the short Arctic summer does not provide sufficient time to raise a second brood.
Washington, May 10 ( ANI ): John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen has revealed that she wants an "Angelina-Brad-type brood."