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It was predicted that the guilt, sorrow, and brokenness scenarios would yield more positive estimates of outcome than the shame scenario.
This means that both the stranger to the gospel and the one who once believed it but now is plagued by doubt and despair, who dare to join the Christian assembly in worship, would hear the truth about the human condition: sin and brokenness are real as we stand before God, and Jesus Christ becomes the victim of human sin and brokenness in order that life and freedom might be ours.
Even the people who look physically perfect on the outside harbor an intricate beauty and brokenness somewhere on the inside.
Fragments function as textual poetics, yet this text takes enormous pleasure in its brokenness.
They use words such as sin, brokenness, and redemption and assert that power from God must be brought to bear to effect healing and change.
Now, pushed by his new girlfriend who wants to know more about his family and doesn't understand the extent of its brokenness, Charlie is having reoccurring nightmares about an attacking, life-sized beetle.
As art, the world, and self converge, continuity and brokenness, symmetrical progression, life and death, pain and hope can be viewed within a broader aesthetic reality (6).
To check for any social consequence of sporting lots of wavy spots, Tibbetts dabbed model-airplane paint onto wasp faces to increase or decrease spot brokenness.
I suggest that we begin to look again at the bases of social brokenness.
Likewise, there is certainly some truth in the claims of those who suggest that the mere invocation of the tradition's language is not a sign of the tradition's health but conversely a sign of its brokenness.
LAUSD will never be ``fixed'' until the causes of its brokenness can be openly discussed.
Part 3 invites the listener to become part of this world where brokenness is healed.
She fights to see brokenness and fear in a patient's irritability and rudeness to hospital staff.
We saw and experienced the sin, the infidelity, the brokenness of individual clergy.