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But this doesn't mean that we have to passively accept our own and the world's brokenness.
There are times in our lives when the power of God's love breaks through our brokenness and moves us to take action.
They describe the mission of the church as a healing and redemption ministry to the brokenness around us; equipping the community for a ministry of family support.
Through prayer and care we companion people in their search for hope, health and healing amidst their brokenness of body, mind or spirit.
11 is important, because it was such a strong and sudden reminder of human brokenness.
God's dividing line parses brokenness and restoration.
Surely, the church is greater than any of us, The broken bread speaks of our oneness and our brokenness.
But at the same time her determination to face that which is difficult, her drive for excellence shines an uncomfortable light on the brokenness of our human condition, a brokenness that encourages us to cower in the face of difficulty and accept a comfortable mediocrity.
As a pastor, my life's passion is to invite others into the place of my brokenness--and at the same time, I reach out to meet them in their brokenness.
The alternative is a "radical hermeneutics" that admits the limits and brokenness of the human condition.
By delving deeply into the Christian tradition they reveal what one theologian has called the "bright sadness" of Lent - that it is not about becoming lost in feelings of brokenness, but about cleansing the palate so that we can taste life more fully.
Brokenness also led the paralytic and his friends to seek out Jesus.
As Christians, we acknowledge that our brokenness has marred our witness to the glorious gospel of God's love in Christ.
Blessed are those who mourn, for the will be comforted" When we seek justice, we have Christ's promise that we will find it in Him, that the brokenness in our relationships with God, our planet and each other will be healed and we will be reconciled through the grace of Jesus Christ.