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He spent the afternoon in a deck-chair, with closed eyes, dozing brokenly most of the time, and in the evening went early to bed.
She answered him in Abyssinian, but brokenly and with an accent that betrayed how recently she had acquired her slight knowledge of the tongue.
A bright, a glorious smile passed over her face, and she said, brokenly,--"O
This page is a cloud between whose fraying edges a headland with mountains appears brokenly then is hidden again until what emerges from the now cloudless blue is the grooved sea and the whole self-naming island, its ochre verges, its shadow-plunged valleys and a coiled road threading the fishing villages, the white, silent surges of combers along the coast, where a line of gulls has arrowed into the widening harbour of a town with no noise, its streets growing closer like print you can now read, two cruise ships, schooners, a tug, ancestral canoes, as a cloud slowly covers the page and it goes white again and the book comes to a close.
Heart brokenly missed by her Husband John, Sons Mark and Kyle and Daughter Sarah, also Grandchildren Mitchell, Ryan, Kjha, and Bethany, Great Granddaughter Lita-May and Sister Ann.
Investigating maps from 1966 to date suggests that urban development is complied with a quite radial structure during 1956-1976, but after mentioned period and especially after revolution of urbanization and physical extension of the city do not all owe urban management to think of preparing urbanism plans and mostly, developments were done brokenly and out of form and basic structure of the (radial) city [3].
In the south, the terminator struggles brokenly through the Southern Highlands, some of the Moon's most ancient and heavily cratered terrain.
45) Here the three levels of literary idealism are marked out: (1) the literary work as experience or world brokenly but necessarily related to the world as a whole; (2) the fictional experience or world as centred on autonomy, mastery or personality; (3) mastery or personality as sensitive receptiveness to the larger flows of experience in the world, where the world is thought of as everything that exists.
After a black night of drink and a quarrel beyond dimension, she lost the baby, it came brokenly to birth, in terror, I always thought, of the womb which was shaping it, came out and went back again to death, tearing by this miscarriage the hope of any other child for Deborah.
At the same time, it was only with the declaration of the eighth commandment on Mount Sinai that this commandment that sounded brokenly within the heart of man was restored externally and in the form of an external voice now pervaded through to his very conscience.
confess it brokenly with [her] English tongue," asks, "Do you like me, Kate?
Of the various words and phrases from Samson Agonistes that move brokenly through Blake's discourse, the most commonly recognized is the one I quoted above describing Samson's initial subjection to tyranny: grinding "at the Mill with slaves" (41).
The third and fourth sections follow similar trajectories, retracing two more times the path from eros to loss: the third lover, a blue-fingernailed man first seen slumped in a chair at a Free Clinic, attracts and then burns the speaker, leaving her a "moth sobb[ing] brokenly in the middle of the room" ("Ignatz at the--Hotel"); the final Ignatz seems safely domesticated, a sleepy lover apparently content in the "sylvan bower" Krazy creates for him, until this flighty, "winged Ignatz" escapes from his birdcage into the neighbor's bed.
In the hour of his death, Moses' soul wails brokenly, as only souls can.