break the/a record

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break the/a record

To do something to a higher or greater degree than the greatest extent currently known. With his speed, I think he'll break a record for running before he graduates from high school. If he eats one more hot dog he's going to break the record!
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break a record

to destroy a previously set high record by setting a new one. The athlete broke all the school records in swimming. The league record was broken after thirty years.
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break the record

1. Surpass a previous achievement, as in He was determined to break the record for the high jump. This usage is applied primarily to sports of various kinds. [1880s]
2. Move very fast, as in The lecture was so dull that we broke the record getting to the door: [Second half of 1900s]
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Guinness World Records representative Peter James Fairbairn of Australia came to witness the event and confirmed that the event had broken the record previously owned by Manadaluyong City with at least 12,975 participants joining its the Zumba party.
The person that is declined to be name, has said that he had trained really hard for this day to come and he is delighted to have broken the record previously which someone only had intercourse with 55 women.
TWO giant pandas have broken the record for the longest ever mating.
After singing the anthem, Samer Khallouf, Project Manager, Middle East and North Africa, Guinness World Record, announced that the students had successfully broken the record.
Talking to reporter, Bodla said he had broken the record of American Master Raul Meza with 355 kicks in one minute.
Washington, August 2 ( ANI ): A Danish diver has broken the record for holding his breath for 22 minutes under water with his head submerged in a pool in London.
And now, after photo and video evidence was sent to the Guinness Book Of Records, a certificate has confirmed they have broken the record for the largest ever hand jive.
Addressing an election rally in Vadodara, chief minister Narendra Modi said that just as Gujarat had broken the record by registering a 68 per cent voter turnout, the BJP would break all records in winning the assembly elections.
A COUPLE have broken the record for the world's longest kiss.
"I am so happy for Miro that he has broken the record for Germany, because if anyone deserves it, then it is him," Low explained.
London, Apr 30 ( ANI ): Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has broken the record he held jointly with Barcelona ace Lionel Messi for the most goals in a Champions League season by netting his 49th goal of the season in his side's historic 4-0 win over holders Bayern Munich to book their place in the final.
LAHORE -- Some 1,936 Pakistani students have broken the record of the largest human mosaic at the hockey stadium.
"All through the night I had to keep ringing the world record people and it was brilliant when we found out we had broken the record. That made the night really special."
"As soon as she landed that lift, and everyone knew she had broken the record, a roar of applause and cheering broke out," he said.
However, there's no confirmation if Hindi Medium has broken the records set by Aamir Khan's Dangal yet.