break (one's) fall

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break (one's) fall

To interrupt, prevent, or soften one's fall, either physically or figuratively. She stumbled off the balcony, but luckily, a hedge below her broke her fall. Be careful not to alienate your friends as you climb to the top of the company, because if things don't work out, you'll have no one there to break your fall.
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break someone's fall

to cushion a falling person; to lessen the impact of a falling person. When the little boy fell out of the window, the bushes broke his fall. The old lady slipped on the ice, but a snowbank broke her fall.
See also: break, fall

break one's fall

Interrupt a tumble or descent, as in It's a long way down over this cliff, with nothing to break your fall. [Mid-1800s]
See also: break, fall
References in classic literature ?
The smaller branches broke his fall, so that he came to rest for an instant upon the very branch upon which he had sought slumber the previous night.
He fell 16ft on to the concrete but the cow he was holding on to broke his fall.
Little Kayden-Lee Morgan, three, only survived because the house porch broke his fall and he bounced o| it, narrowly missing sharp garden railings by inches.
He broke his fall on the metal frame of a barbecue awning.
He managed to grab onto a tree as he tumbled down the bank and it broke his fall.
Metal railings halfway down the cliff broke his fall.
A four-year-old Hong Kong boy plunged seven storeys after leaning out of an apartment window but survived when a canopy broke his fall, officials said.
The 21-year-old man slipped on the 130ft high clifftop at Boscombe, Bournemouth, and plunged 75ft before a ledge broke his fall.
A 3-year-old boy fell about 37 meters from his 13th-story apartment house in Wako, Saitama Prefecture shortly before noon Wednesday but suffered only bruising and minor cuts thanks to a tree that broke his fall, police said.
Trees and shrubs broke his fall on the last ledge before a straight 60ft drop on to the rocks and river below.
Lucky Ashley Tunstall walked away with just a broken arm after 63-year-old Marie McKeowan broke his fall.
It was believed shrubbery broke his fall and he ended up in the River Rea in Gibb Street, avoiding any serious injuries.
He landed on tables and chairs which broke his fall and almost certainly saved his life.
He hit a ledge which broke his fall - it might have been a lot more serious.
She added: "I just want to thank the lady who broke his fall.