break (one's) fall

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break (one's) fall

To interrupt, prevent, or soften one's fall, either physically or figuratively. She stumbled off the balcony, but luckily, a hedge below her broke her fall. Be careful not to alienate your friends as you climb to the top of the company, because if things don't work out, you'll have no one there to break your fall.
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break someone's fall

to cushion a falling person; to lessen the impact of a falling person. When the little boy fell out of the window, the bushes broke his fall. The old lady slipped on the ice, but a snowbank broke her fall.
See also: break, fall

break one's fall

Interrupt a tumble or descent, as in It's a long way down over this cliff, with nothing to break your fall. [Mid-1800s]
See also: break, fall
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likely threw herself from the balcony of the apartment, located in the neighborhood of Al-Bustan Al-Kabir, and was saved when the clotheslines strung across balconies broke her fall.
A WOMAN survived after throwing herself from the 23rd storey of a Buenos Aires hotel when a waiting taxi broke her fall.
A GIRL aged three who fell 18 feet from a window was saved by landing on a car roof which broke her fall.
The wooden fence she landed on probably broke her fall.
He added: "Fortunately, the bushes broke her fall, preventing more serious injury.
Christy McKenzie suffered a hairline fracture of the pelvis as power lines broke her fall.
The solitary tree broke her fall after 80ft and she was left dangling for three hours before she could be rescued.
But she escaped serious injury after an ash tree broke her fall.
Judith Mahar, 30, escaped with neck injuries and cuts and bruises after thick vegetation broke her fall.
It was as much good luck as anything else that she landed on the ledge which broke her fall.
Police said she survived because a chipboard awning above a bar filled with holidaymakers broke her fall.