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Again, the rim ice broke away before and behind, and there was no escape except up the cliff.
The rabbit could not turn, and as the white teeth broke its back in mid air it shrieked as loudly as a stricken man may shriek.
Thrice he tried to knock him over, then repeated the trick and broke the right fore leg.
Fire broke out at Bab Sharia Cables Warehouse in western Cairo -- Egypt Today/ Khalid Kamel CAIRO -- 12 December 2017: A massive fire broke out at a cable warehouse in Cairo's Bab el-Sharia neighborhood on Tuesday; no injuries were recorded.
A whole host of players broke inside the 30 barrier.
2 Broke Girls" starring Kat Dennings (Max Black) and Beth Behrs (Caroline Channing) will air its Season 4, episode 4 "And the Old Bike Yarn" on Monday, Nov.
3 : to stop working or cause to stop working because of damage or wear <I broke my watch.
Rather than bending a spaghetti rod until it broke, they reasoned they could simply pretend that their bent spaghetti rod was the remainder of a hypothetical longer strand that had just snapped and hadn't yet straightened out.
The latexes, starches, carbonates, titanium dioxide, dispersants, and defoamers contained in these brokes often showed up in machine deposits, and broke flows correlated directly to reduced additive efficiencies.
The Broke Diaries by Angela Nissel Villard, April 2001, $9.
Adapted by Hugh Whitemore from his hit 1987 Broadway play, this is the wry story of the gay English mathematician who broke the Germans' supposedly unbreakable Enigma code during World War II, only to be confronted with his own personal battle against prissy English puritans.
Weigh paper clips (minus the one that broke the hair).
I decided to cut Big Brothers and stick with the for-profit business where I made more money," explains Robinson, who broke even last year on $58,000 in revenues.
On Wall Street, he broke ranks by advocating an end to fixed brokerage commissions and enjoyed the chaos he caused in other firms when he transformed Merrill Lynch into a financial services giant.