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Again, the rim ice broke away before and behind, and there was no escape except up the cliff.
The rabbit could not turn, and as the white teeth broke its back in mid air it shrieked as loudly as a stricken man may shriek.
Thrice he tried to knock him over, then repeated the trick and broke the right fore leg.
Here in the Emerald City people are too happy and contented ever to do wrong; but perhaps you came from some faraway corner of our land, and having no love for Ozma carelessly broke one of her Laws."
The iron strength of Kama broke. Day by day the terrific toil sapped him.
Crossing an ice-bridge, the dogs broke through and were swept under the down-stream ice.
However, due to lack of safety measures on the part of the owners and ignorance of administration fire broke on this ship, resulting in burn injuries to seven workers who were rushed to Karachi and admitted in hospital where condition of three of them is termed precarious.
Fire broke out at Bab Sharia Cables Warehouse in western Cairo -- Egypt Today/ Khalid Kamel CAIRO -- 12 December 2017: A massive fire broke out at a cable warehouse in Cairo's Bab el-Sharia neighborhood on Tuesday; no injuries were recorded.
A whole host of players broke inside the 30 barrier.
"2 Broke Girls" starring Kat Dennings (Max Black) and Beth Behrs (Caroline Channing) will air its Season 4, episode 4 "And the Old Bike Yarn" on Monday, Nov.
A FORMER probation officer from County Durham broke down in court yesterday as he told how he feared his wife would be killed by alleged murderer Daniel Breaks.
A FORMER probation officer broke down as he told how he feared his wife would be killed by alleged murderer Daniel Breaks.
The world No 10 broke then held to cut Rusedski's lead to 4-3 but the Briton came through to win the set 6-4.
Rather than bending a spaghetti rod until it broke, they reasoned they could simply pretend that their bent spaghetti rod was the remainder of a hypothetical longer strand that had just snapped and hadn't yet straightened out.