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Hence, while these parameters did not influence the creation of multiple peaks, there was no clear trend in their effect on the broadness of DSC curves.
Despite these reservations, the very broadness of Keathley's text and the encouragement he offers to investigate film history are to be admired, as is the fact that Keathley is deeply concerned, unlike many academic works, with pedagogy.
Thanks to the broadness of the current USDA definition, a few meat suppliers have already created new programs "with a wide variety of additional attributes," says Keith Welty, v.
In spite of the broadness of the topics covered, Chhabra was able to craftily weave the different subjects into a smoothly flowing tale of challenges, successes and sometimes failures.
Not coincidentally, this betrayal allows leftist intellectuals to preen themselves on the broadness of their minds while they maintain their membership of a social elite.
With the extensive data that they collected, Fabian and his colleagues, including Giovanni Miniutti of the University of Cambridge, could distinguish a second factor that contributes to the broadness of the X-ray radiation emitted by the iron atoms.
In the heavy groves of maple, the broadness of childhood, I
Members of the laboratory community are concerned by the broadness they perceive in the draft guidance's language and worry that the guidance would place restrictions on "home brew" tests.
Overbroad: This term is used by the courts to illustrate the broadness of policies that regulate or prohibit protected and unprotected speech (McMurtrie, 2003).
With the idea in mind that "conciseness is more compatible with memory and broadness is more compatible with understanding, lifelong systems analyst Anthony (programming at 8, pro at 12) writes for those who want to know and work with software objects in the most effective ways.
EVEN BEFORE KATRINA, the federal plan to standardize emergency response was raising concerns among state and local emergency responders who worry about the broadness of the mandates and coordination with federal groups.
Indeed, the editor is to be commended for his broadness of view, and no doubt in the future we will look back on this volume as an example of a wise way to approach a difficult subject.
He told me that he had studied accounting, but the conversation that day quickly evidenced a broadness and a depth of knowledge that convinced me he was not a Johnny-one-note.
The doubling produced a certain broadness of characterization, particularly in the minor roles.
The fair is being presented as 'what is effectively the largest and most comprehensive photographic exhibition of the year', and Newburg is keen to emphasise its accessibility and broadness of scope; serious collectors, dealers and art lovers alike will be encouraged to mingle and enjoy what will be the largest survey of photography ever displayed in the UK.