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On this point, Semeta is crystal clear: "There is a need to rethink the broadness of the mandate" of negotiations with Berne.
"What makes IEF special is its broadness and inclusiveness, with representation from the BRICS and other emerging markets that are driving the global economy and by extension the world energy market." While recognising that world economies are interlinked and interdependent, Flores-Quiroga is encouraged in his role to "facilitate the global energy conversation with as many key energy players as possible."
This gradual increase in broadness is ascribed to the changes in the heterogeneity of the blend composition.
Well-regarded Napa vintner Mitch Cosentino, who blends the two under his new PureCru label, calls this the white wine for red wine drinkers: "Semillon brings richness, broadness, and intriguing, sometimes exotic fruit; Sauvignon Blanc contributes spice, floral, and mineral notes plus structure and acid balance.
Mr Hughes Griffiths' comments do, however, indicate the broadness of the Plaid church that Ms Wood will have to keep happy - those who instinctively cite Wales' medieval history as well as those who see Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez as an inspiration.
This highlights the difficulties associated with using a term such as 'premodern': unless a strong methodological approach is attached, it becomes a throwaway term in its broadness and inclusivity.
It's an interesting exhibition showing the broadness of Colin's artistic talent, and reveals some fascinating histories.
Any fair comparison of the EME (independent medical examination) and EMA provisions leads the reader to recognize the broadness of the IME statute as opposed to the limiting nature of the EMA statute.
"This is backed by our powerful production network of antioxidants in Asia, Europe and the Americas making us worldwide one of the leading partners to the plastic processing industry with a product portfolio unmatched in terms of broadness and quality," he said.
The second site,, captures a larger portion of the market due to the availability that the broadness the domain name lends.
These two books capture the diverse functions of the Order, indicating the broadness of its political, ethnic and social role both in Ireland and abroad.
"I never think in terms of trends or broadness of appeal," she said.
The very words used to denote charitable deeds are an indication of the broadness of the concept.
He said: "A mayor is able to better represent the cosmopolitan broadness of a city.