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Operating income and loan growth were broadly in line with our expectations, while net profit for FY2014 was slightly higher than our expectation.
Broadly neutralising antibodies have previously been shown to be effective in preventing and treating HIV infection in animals.
8226; Use of new technologies to define the targets of broadly neutralizing antibodies.
Having blood samples from such an early stage enabled researchers to pinpoint the particular "founder" virus that triggered the immune system to make an immature broadly neutralizing antibody against HIV, as well as the cell from which that antibody emerged.
For example, to elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies called VRC01-class antibodies that neutralize 90 percent of known HIV strains, you could try using the HIV envelope protein as your immunogen," Schief said, and added, "But you run into the problem that the envelope protein doesn't bind with any detectable affinity to the B cells needed to launch a broadly neutralizing antibody response.
Craig McNaughton, area director for Lloyds TSB Commercial in the North East, said: "The end of 2012 saw private sector activity across the North-east come to a dramatic slowdown, with business output broadly unchanged and only marginal growth in new orders recorded during December.
The young couple - representing a new generation of the British monarchy - caught each other's eyes several times during the service, smiling broadly.
Further, the reported opinions cited above arguably would require the Service to construe broadly the phrase, "[i]f the claim for credit or refund relates to an overpayment attributable to any taxes paid or accrued to any foreign country .
For lifetime-prevalence figures in the new survey, broadly defined intermittent explosive disorder consisted of at least three such episodes during a person's life.
Because he is broadly sympathetic to the founding ideals of the original neocons, Fukuyama resists making Irving Kristol, Daniel Bell, Nathan Glazer, and the rest seem like a Freemasonish Jewish cabal.
While antibodies to the immunodominant, but highly variable, regions of HA and NA can provide potent virus strain-specific protection, the existence of weaker and more broadly protective immune activities directed to less variable regions of viral proteins has long been known (5).
Prime rents remained broadly static at around 45 [pounds sterling] to 50 [pounds sterling] per square foot, but significant incentives still have to be offered to tenants to achieve this rent.
Over time, as courts broadly interpreted coverage provided by this endorsement, ISO amended the additional insured wording in an attempt to provide the coverage for only the additional insureds' vicarious or contributory negligence.
He then interprets those conditions so broadly as to make the rare cases commonplace.
Morley adds, "The role of the National Center for Healthy Housing is to anchor this network by providing training curricula and tools and serving as a repository for all the information about healthy housing that the partners might need to carry out the training and to promote healthy housing more broadly in their communities.