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Faculty consulting with the BIN director are referred to the OUR when using undergraduate research in their broader impacts plan.
The new role will see Broader leading Walmart's retail operations and supervisign business development in Europe, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa and Canada.
Research shows that nine out of 10 Canadians shop at Walmart," Broader says.
The demand: Researchers and their tax-supported underwriters must take a comprehensive look at the broader implications of their science in making decisions about what research to support.
Villaraigosa says his new suppression effort is the first part of a broader anti-gang strategy that will also include prevention and intervention.
Benefits gained through this federated approach were the use of a reference model allowing participants to describe their business using a common language, resulting in an ability to view and display broader end-to-end processes including their seams," he explained.
And in a broader sense, many Episcopalians view the whole conflict as another incident in Anglicanism's complex history as a via media (or middle way) between the Catholic Church and evangelical Protestant denominations.
Above all, the book does an effective job of linking changing representations of childhood in children's films to a broader shift away from romantic and sentimental conceptions of children as the opposite of adults.
While you can still purchase that limited form of insurance if you choose, the typical private company D & O insurance policy offers broader protection in two principal respects.
If we want to lower rates in this country, the first step would be to take a broader conceptualization of maternal morbidity and mortality and include deaths attributable to mental health conditions and violence.
By separating storage from tightly integrated computing systems, went the thinking, it would be possible to scale each attribute independently, and to enjoy a broader range of solutions as multiple developers attacked storage from new vantage points, introducing both innovation and economic efficiencies.
We and our democratic allies are putting the power of our partnership to work not only in Afghanistan and Iraq, but all across the Broader Middle East and North Africa.
My students feel my enthusiasm--and I can help them consider their strengths in a broader context as I assist them in finding their own musical voices.
These firms have done so by taking a broader perspective beyond financial controls when addressing enterprise risk management.