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The new role will see Broader leading Walmart's retail operations and supervisign business development in Europe, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa and Canada.
In theory, it might be reasonable to think this problem could be addressed by teaching scientists and engineers how to assess the broader effects of their research.
But she probably does him little good by flaming his case as simply part of a broader drive within the church for equality and social justice.
Second, the insurance offers coverage for a broader array of claims against such insureds, most notably including employment practices-related claims.
She argues that "a broader conceptualization of health in future Canadian maternal and child health reports will enable us to further reduce our maternal death rate.
But the connection between disk drives and servers remained locked in the realm of the proprietary fibre channel approach--a relatively unsophisticated solution that fell short of delivering true networking benefits and failed to deliver a standards-based foundation that would invite broader innovation.
The request includes $120 million for the Middle East Partnership Initiative for reform, $40 million for the National Endowment for Democracy to expand efforts to promote democracy in the Broader Middle East and North Africa region, $180 million for Muslim outreach through educational and cultural exchanges, and increases for a wide range of other public diplomacy and broadcasting initiatives geared toward Muslim publics, particularly young people.
Not only did Zanna Noe appreciate the opportunity the Teacher Enrichment Grant offered her to become a Kindermusik educator, but this mother of two young children sees her success in a broader context.
Broader perspective will not only mitigate liability exposure, but, if planned and executed properly, will also lead to the identification of improvements to internal business operations and to the development of programs that will enable the host organization to establish competitive advantages.
New York Jets President Jay Cross, commented, "Each day, our coalition of supporters becomes broader and more diverse.
Readers looking for this broader philosophical perspective will be disappointed for Reichert makes no attempt to grapple with intractable problems in philosophy on the nature and grounds of rights.
But now we've also decided to turn our attention to the rural lifestyle, looking at the broader needs of farmers and ranchers, along with embracing their rural neighbors.
And that's the message that resonates with deans, with public officials, with people who make broader curriculum decisions.
Australia does indeed have a vibrant and dynamic gay and lesbian community, situated in a broader urban culture of tolerance.
Congress's failure to adopt broader penalty language in 1934 and its failure to amend the Act in light of narrower judicial interpretations led the Court to conclude that Congress intended the penalties to have a narrower reach.