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broaden (one's) horizons

To have a new experience. I'm really nervous to live at school, but I know I need to broaden my horizons and get some experience living without my family. I can't believe that Molly has never left the state before! She seriously needs to broaden her horizons!
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broaden out

To widen or expand something. A noun can be used between "broaden" and "out" or after "out." They want to knock down a wall and broaden their kitchen out. I'm doing these exercises to broaden out my shoulders.
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broaden out

to become wider; to expand. The river broadened out and became deeper. The road broadens out here.
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broaden something out

to make something wider; to expand something. Now, broaden this part out a little, so it looks like a cloud, not a painted pillow. Broaden out the river in your painting so it looks very wide. The photographic view of the valley can be broadened out by using a different lens.
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Travel broadens the mind.

Prov. When you travel, you learn things about the people and places you see. Marie: I never realized how well-off most Americans are until I visited India. Jane: So it's true that travel broadens the mind, huh? Everyone who gets the chance should go abroad. Travel broadens the mind.
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Mr Khan said tax bar associations serve the purpose of think-tanks and their input and proposals would be welcomed in the routine taxpayers outreach activities and seminars conducted by FBR for broadening of tax base and improving tax collection.
When asked about reasons of failure of broadening of such scheme in the past, he said that this scheme was not failed one as it helped achieving broadening of tax base when the FBR sent out tax notices with the help of data.
Broadening can begin early in a Warrant Officer's career through diverse assignments in one's MOS.
The Supreme Court reiterated that reissue was only available in the case of a mistake, and for the first time set the two-year deadline for broadening reissue.
The logistics career broadening program has evolved into a program for logistics officers that is producing officers with the potential to fill senior leadership positions, both at the air logistics centers and in the field," said Lt.
In part this is due to the simple dislocation distributions that underlie the theoretical models describing the diffraction line broadening in terms of dislocation distribution parameters.
As CPAs increasingly demonstrate a broadening set of technical skills, management experience and leadership ability, they can expect to win positions on corporate boards and jobs as presidents and chief executives of organizations.
The New York Times reported on December 7th that "Zoellick said the added authority would make it far easier to achieve the administration's two top trade priorities: broadening NAFTA to include Central and South America and completing global trade talks that were started in Doha, Qatar, last month.