broad strokes

broad (brush) strokes

Vague or non-specific terms. I don't need every detail of the event—just tell me about it in broad brush strokes. Describe your idea in broad strokes, just so I can get a sense of it.
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broad strokes


broad brushstrokes

If you describe or show something in broad strokes or in broad brushstrokes, you describe or show only the main or general points or features of it and not the fine or exact details. The speech will lay out in broad strokes the two candidates' differing approaches towards how best to stimulate the economy. There's very little subtlety in the play. Its characters are painted in broad brushstrokes. Note: The image here is of an artist painting a picture roughly or quickly.
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While lawmakers in the House and Senate say they agree on the proposals' broad strokes most notably increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour they acknowledge there is not yet a consensus on the final versions of the bills they believe they will ultimately pass.The package, including raising the minimum wage and legal age to purchase cigarettes and banning so-called ghosts guns and Styrofoam containers, represents a list of progressive initiatives.
The broad strokes of neatness redefine the era of Pakistani couture starting right from marvelous dupattas to unconventional draped lehngas, the use of uncut semi precious stones, hand crafted gota and threads make it outstanding.
She begins by reviewing some useful concepts--among them complexity, hybridity, memory, and thirdspace--and examining the Cahokia case in broad strokes. Her topics are Cahokia's complex relationships, Cahokia's ritual-residential core, Cahokia's diverse farmers, the architecture of Grossmann, the remains of special events, and complexity and hybridity reconsidered.
Sahra Wagenknecht, the parliamentary leader of the hard-left Die Linke party, did however set out the movement's aims in broad strokes in a Friday interview with news magazine Spiegel.
Asked if this meant that the government panel is thinking of inviting Sison as a resource person, Dureza said they 'have no specifics yet except broad strokes in that direction.'
Battle sequences are staged with pyrotechnicladen fury but solid performances aren't entirely lost in the barrage, even though characters are sketched in broad strokes.
It is important to note that the framework proposal is just that--a skeletal outline addressing the broad strokes of what tax reform could look like.
Chapters discuss the animal signs of the Chinese zodiac for each birthday year, month, and hour, as well as the personality traits common to each sign, how compatible signs are with one another, and the broad strokes of fortune (or misfortune) that those born under one sign may experience in everyday life during the year of another sign.
Also, values are generally noted by condition percentages rather than in broad strokes. Illustrations are in color.
Both were gracious, shaking hands and describing in broad strokes a 90-minute sit-down that included both technical elements of the transition and conversations about policy.
Cooper's world is an exaggerated one - pun packed and drawn in broad strokes, and there are moments where some questionable humour strikes a jarring note.
The maps used in this chart are sources from Wikipedia pages of the respective conflicts, and show in broad strokes how control has shifted over the last year .
In broad strokes, the events that unfold are undeniably riveting.
Few people on earth can draw out the similarities and differences as well as Barry Eichengreen, who paints with equal facility in broad strokes and in fascinating detail.
The plan will be announced in broad strokes in the upcoming weeks," ybrahim Kalyn, the spokesperson for the presidency, told the press.