broad church

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broad church

1. A label referring to a group of 17th-century English theologians who adhered to some practices of the Church of England but disregarded other elements of the Church, such as doctrine and liturgical practice. Primarily heard in UK. The broad church movement in 17th-century England may have helped shape the more liberal views and practices of modern-day Christianity.
2. A group or organization composed of various types of people with differing views, opinions, or philosophies. Primarily heard in UK. The Independent Party is a broad church as its members hold wildly differing opinions on how to best solve the problems facing society today.
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a broad church

You call an organization, group, or area of activity a broad church when it includes a wide range of opinions, beliefs, or styles. The movement is presently a very broad church, comprising, amongst others, trade unions, the church and the business community. Rock music in France is a very broad church indeed.
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a broad ˈchurch

(British English) an organization that accepts a wide range of opinions
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Black's portrayals of Gilfillan's Broad Church Presbyterianism and sympathetic humanity, and of the rich and vibrant civic provincial culture of Victorian Dundee, are vivid and convincing.
CIMA appeals to a broad church of accountants because it is not just graduates.
'The Conservative Party has always been a broad church. You cannot just have a collection of Colonel Blimps.'
Students accustomed to viewing drawings "after the antique" in isolation will find in the catalogue an introduction to the empirical contexts within which a broad church of early modern antiquarians worked.
Although they may have shared a similar "Broad Church" attitude toward religion, the authors tackled related themes in quite different ways.
The broad church has suddenly become very narrow indeed.
Tom Watson: "A broad church party requires pluralism and tolerance to survive"
Labour must remain a broad church to win power and more MPs joining the 15 who've stormed, or were kicked out, would weaken the party.
Labour has always been a broad church so they need to settle their differences.
My concern, if Plaid fails to steer a new Wales-first course, going back to a political broad church, this will result in the same fate as the Titanic.
He added: "The Labour Party has been an extremely broad church. The difference between ourselves and the Tory party is we are an extremely broad church and rightly so.
With credible policies which reach across our valued broad church of socialist values and beliefs, we feel that he can give the country a Labour Government.
"We will always be a broad church. We'll debate our policies then unite to defeat the Tories.
He fully deserves his reputation not only as a writer and arranger of some truly great songs but as an outstanding guitarist whose ability to switch styles from song to song demonstrated a breadth of techniques spanning the broad church that modern folk music has become.