broad strokes

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broad (brush) strokes

Vague or non-specific terms. I don't need every detail of the event—just tell me about it in broad brush strokes. Describe your idea in broad strokes, just so I can get a sense of it.
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broad strokes


broad brushstrokes

If you describe or show something in broad strokes or in broad brushstrokes, you describe or show only the main or general points or features of it and not the fine or exact details. The speech will lay out in broad strokes the two candidates' differing approaches towards how best to stimulate the economy. There's very little subtlety in the play. Its characters are painted in broad brushstrokes. Note: The image here is of an artist painting a picture roughly or quickly.
See also: broad, stroke
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Neither mutual funds nor ETFs should be painted with broad brushstrokes as being good or bad.
Instead, I'll paint a few broad brushstrokes of the food scene as it stands at the end of 2017.
Through the use of broad brushstrokes and a muted palette, the figures and landscapes are often abstract, details are effaced and scenes move in and out of the picture.
Until these broad brushstrokes are painted to the voters' satisfaction, nothing else matters.
Broad brushstrokes break the geometric grid of the hexagrams--which are created using a stenciling technique--introducing an expressive fluidity while obscuring a message on the surface.
Even though readers know the broad brushstrokes of the historical account, Southard excels at bringing "a harrowing and anxiety-inducing tension" (San Francisco Chronicle) to her narrative and a voice to those who, by taking different paths in life to try to heal their physical and emotional scars, survived to tell the tale.
RON Jones of Oswestry ('Cameron and Christian ethics',' 15 May) paints in cosmically broad brushstrokes once again.
In fact, Black Legacies registers the magnitude of race's impact on the Middle Ages by painting with broad brushstrokes.
Opening with Painted On Canvas the broad brushstrokes of his expressive baritone came vividly to life.
Today, the kinder side of human nature is being polluted or dragged down to the lowest level by people's reactions to real or perceived injustices with the result entire ethnicities and religions are being negatively branded with broad brushstrokes.
Affleck accused Harris and Maher of painting a religion with overly broad brushstrokes.
Articulate and engaging, Zandi-Sayek's narrative captures the panorama of inter-communal relations in broad brushstrokes, while also carefully constructing the details of everyday life, as the various socio-ethnic groups converged and diverged, reflecting the region's mercurial political climate.