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broach (one's) claret

To draw blood, typically in some sort of fight. "Claret" is a type of red wine. A: "Who broached your claret?" B: "Bill punched me in the nose. Can you help me clean up this blood?" Do you challenge me to a fight? Well, I will most certainly broach your claret—I hope you're ready for that!
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broach (something) with (someone)

To mention or discuss something with someone. I wouldn't broach that topic with him unless you want to hear about it for hours. Everyone knows you shouldn't broach the issues of politics or religion at a dinner party.
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broach something with someone

 and broach something to someone
to mention something to someone; to bring up an idea to someone. I hate to be the one to have to broach this to you, but your trousers are torn. This delicate matter must be broached with Mr. Rogers.
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Broaching creates an opportunity for healing this legacy of silence and shame by providing an environment of emotional safety within which the counseling relationship can transition from a level of superficiality toward a measure of intimacy that is crucial to embracing difference.
Broaching nuts--These steel or stainless steel nuts for pressing into PC boards offer permanent threads for board mounting or component.
The original inline process to produce a steering rack might include broaching, deburring, induction hardening, and then straightening.
Broaching fasteners, offered in a variety of types, sizes, and finishes, are solutions for component-to-board, board-to-board, and board-to-chassis fastening problems.
The purpose of the contract is to provide the printing and broaching services of documents printed by the ign.
The New Axis keyway cutter is a fluid-driven solution that eliminates secondary broaching or milling operations.
Tooled up twin station horizontal broaching machine for rifling operation
Horn USA has introduced a new line of inserted broaching tools for lathes and mills.
The broaching operation, similar to shaping with multiple teeth, is used to machine internal and external surfaces such as holes of circular, square, or irregular shapes, keyways and teeth of internal gears.
Nomenclature : 01 No Tooled Up Vertical Hydraulic Broaching Machine.
The Precision Broaching Press is a computer-controlled hydraulic press with data acquisition.
Furthermore, broaching the bilateral relations, the two parties expressed the shared willingness and the determination to work for the strengthening of the economic and commercial cooperation ties between the two countries,.
Ohio Broach's "table-up" broaching machine design eliminates the need for broaching pits and elevated work platforms.
Rather than specifying a broach bar from one manufacturer, a vertical broach machine from another, and second broach machine from yet another manufacturer, consumers of broaching equipment look increasingly to companies that provide complete broaching system solutions.