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broach (one's) claret

To draw blood, typically in some sort of fight. "Claret" is a type of red wine. A: "Who broached your claret?" B: "Bill punched me in the nose. Can you help me clean up this blood?" Do you challenge me to a fight? Well, I will most certainly broach your claret—I hope you're ready for that!
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broach (something) with (someone)

To mention or discuss something with someone. I wouldn't broach that topic with him unless you want to hear about it for hours. Everyone knows you shouldn't broach the issues of politics or religion at a dinner party.
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broach something with someone

 and broach something to someone
to mention something to someone; to bring up an idea to someone. I hate to be the one to have to broach this to you, but your trousers are torn. This delicate matter must be broached with Mr. Rogers.
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Integrated/congruent broachers recognize that sociopolitical issues, cultural values, and experiences with oppression--both historical and contemporary--are inextricably bound to Maria's presenting problem.
Product broachers should be developed from quality service providers.
Free of cost availability of college broachers and online admission forms is an added feature of the system, while it has considerably reduced the visits of students and their parents to colleges, ensuring timely compilation of applications and merit list.
And The Proof Of Such Details Of Design / Model, Recommended/ Approved Should Be Submitted Along With Relevant Product Literature And Broachers While Submitting The Offer Documents.
He said that pamphlets, broachers will be available and other information will be provided regarding wildlife awareness in such counter.
2000 broachers submitted 932 applications in the CDA for the plots.
The CDA had been taking all preventive measures through public awareness campaign, adding that more than 14,600 broachers, 200,000 pamphlets have been distributed among the masses while more than 500 banners inscribed with preventive steps against the dengue virus are also being displayed in prominent locations in the Capital City.
Free-of-cost availability of college broachers and online admission forms was an added feature of the system, he added.
Tenders are invited for Printing and Supply of flex banner, stickers, Broachers, posters and DVD writing in accordance with the instructions / guidelines of the Karnataka State Agricultural Marketing Board (KSAMB)
The Minister said a control room had been established at Muzaffarabad to guide tourist about the resorts in Azad Kashmir besides making them available broachers and pamphlets at all entry points of Azad Kashmir for their information.
The participants showed their full resolve to spread awareness among the people by distributing pamphlets and broachers about prevention measures against dengue.
kind of information literature related to the Tobacco use and its effects was available including broachers, flyers, pamphlets and booklets.