broach with

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broach (something) with (someone)

To mention or discuss something with someone. I wouldn't broach that topic with him unless you want to hear about it for hours. Everyone knows you shouldn't broach the issues of politics or religion at a dinner party.
See also: broach

broach something with someone

 and broach something to someone
to mention something to someone; to bring up an idea to someone. I hate to be the one to have to broach this to you, but your trousers are torn. This delicate matter must be broached with Mr. Rogers.
See also: broach
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Designed specifically for the Swiss-type and gang-style lathes, the Genevieve Swiss 2160 rotary broach head eliminates the need to indicate the broach to center making setups faster and easier.
Heat treating is also necessary to stress-relieve the broaches and can be performed as many as five times during the broach manufacturing process at National Broach to ensure broach tool stability.
Precision CNC grinders and wire EDM machines enable National Broach to provide customers with tools that meet or exceed industry standards.
This was the experience of the Weldon Tool Co when it installed a broach to machine flats onto cylindrical surfaces of end mill shanks.
Generally, the closest you can broach to the centerline is 0.
Simple spacers are fitted on both sides of the slotting broach to provide holder rigidity.