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broach (one's) claret

To draw blood, typically in some sort of fight. "Claret" is a type of red wine. A: "Who broached your claret?" B: "Bill punched me in the nose. Can you help me clean up this blood?" Do you challenge me to a fight? Well, I will most certainly broach your claret—I hope you're ready for that!
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broach (something) to (someone)

To mention or discuss something with someone. I wouldn't broach that topic to him unless you want to hear about it for hours. Everyone knows you shouldn't broach the issues of politics or religion to guests at a dinner party.
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broach (something) with (someone)

To mention or discuss something with someone. I wouldn't broach that topic with him unless you want to hear about it for hours. Everyone knows you shouldn't broach the issues of politics or religion at a dinner party.
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broach to

dated Of a sailing vessel, to turn or veer in the direction of the wind, exposing the broadside of the ship to it and threatening to capsize as a result. The storm caused the boat to pitch and heave, and, in the chaos of it all, the helmsman allowed the vessel to broach to, overset, and take with it the lives of all onboard.
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broach something with someone

 and broach something to someone
to mention something to someone; to bring up an idea to someone. I hate to be the one to have to broach this to you, but your trousers are torn. This delicate matter must be broached with Mr. Rogers.
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Front pilot: When an internal pull broach is used, the pull end and front pilot are passed through the starting hole.
Hence, a CNC-equipped broach machine can be programmed to accommodate different stroke lengths and various tool diameters.
Mr Jones explains, "The operator simply drops the part into a chute that automatically loads the workpiece onto the table, the broach cycles, the part is unloaded, and a carousel transfers it to the next station in the cell.
The broaches, which may reach 9 feet in length and weigh more than 2000 lb, can have as many as 20,000 cutting teeth on a full-form broach assembly.
Performance of recycled wheels is identical to that of new wheels, and recycling can reduce average wheel cost per broach substantially.
Each tool is specific to the application and the workpiece; a different application and workpiece would require a different broach. Also, while broaching usually is not the preferred method for heavy stock removal, there are certain surface broaching applications in which as much as 0.5" can be cut away in a single pass.
Thus, for clients whose net worth exceeds $1 million, roughly half of advisors whose premiums range from $250,000 to $1 million almost always broach the subject.
Lapointe later opened plants that manufactured broach machines in New London and Marlboro.
However a woman who bought the broach at the M&S branch in the Westfield shopping centre, Shepherd's Bush, told the
We ain't layin' in bed together, Broach! We know how you think.
21 May 2012 a[euro]" Japanese heavy machinery maker Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (TYO:7011) said that it had entered into an accord to take full control of US cutting tools firm Federal Broach Holdings LLC.
"While Yvonne plucks up the courage to broach the subject with Connie, Paul tells Niamh that it might be a possibility."
Thirty-eight different Swiss broach holders are available as part of the line of rotary broaching tool holders for CNC, screw and Swiss lathe machines, and milling machines, doubling the current offering.
The company had received reports that some NexGen tibial broach impactors, which are used to prepare the tibial bone for an implant, had broken during surgery.