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His jaws let go their grip, and he leaped backward to escape this strange danger, his lips drawn back from his fangs, his throat snarling, every hair bristling with rage and fright.
Conservative backbenchers were already bristling with rage at the fact that same-sex marriage was not included in the party's 2010 general election manifesto, even though now it has become a key feature in Cameron's agenda.
Keddie was bristling with rage and said: "We deserved to take it to extra time.
OF The much under-estimated grey voters with tax concessions being phased out, lorry drivers, hauliers and motorists with increased and iniquitous fuel duty increases, 500,000 families about to lose tax credits due to thresholds being slashed unmercifully, motorists who purchased smaller, zero rated road tax cars about to lose that benefit, OAPs on reduced winter fuel payments, airline passengers with increased take off tax, smokers (god bless them), drinkers (god help them), are all bristling with rage, like hedgehogs on steroids and baying for blood.
The first was during a pre-season tournament in Spain the summer before last when Heskey was bristling with rage after being roughed up by his Porto opponents during an unusually feisty 'friendly'.
Yesterday always had the potential to become messy, with Hearts fans bristling with rage against the board and Chris Robinson in particular.
AN ex-policeman was left bristling with rage when he was told to shave off his beard before a job interview.
BASIL Brush fans are bristling with rage at his foxy new look.
Advocaat was clearly bristling with rage after being hammered for two days over the appointment of countryman Jan Wouters as first- team coach.