bring (something) to the fore

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bring (something) to the fore

To emphasize something or make it more noticeable. Be sure to bring this argument to the fore when you rewrite your paper. Discrepancies in the yearly budget report brought questions of corruption to the fore.
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bring something to the fore

to move something forward; to make something more prominent or noticeable. All the talk about costs brought the question of budgets to the fore. The question of budget planning was brought to the fore.
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bring something to the ˈfore

make something become noticed by people: His political opinions have been brought to the fore recently, particularly after his television appearance last week.
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This brings to the fore the question: What happened to the Kenya Heroes Act of 2014?Kadenge is a vivid example of the struggles our heroes and heroines go through.
[Re: Is Facebook's libra proof that cryptocurrency is going mainstream?] Regardless of whether or not the project proves a success, as one of the most known brands on earth, Facebook's foray into crypto brings to the fore the big issues and will accelerate conversations with regulators, governments, and the world of traditional finance.
This brings to the fore the recent fake news planted in one of the social media platform insinuating of an alleged terrorist attack on the Murtala Muhammed International Airport.
This brings to the fore an issue that is, unfortunately, gaining momentum in the UAE -- teenage angst that triggers fatal consequences for families.
The court ruling once again brings to the fore the simmering tensions between Mursi and the judiciary.
This study illuminates historical, religious, and political aspects of an Ismaili community in colonial India and brings to the fore the complexity of Muslim identity and the necessity of understanding Islam in the context of specific milieus.
McGroarty noted that the legislation brings to the fore America's growing mineral dependence on nations with abysmal labor practices and human rights violations in countries like China, Russia, and Kazakhstan.
However it now brings to the fore the whole question of volunteering itself, as was partially discussed on a recent edition of Newsnight.
This brings to the fore not only the importance of good quality IT infrastructure products including network cables, but also the right methodology in installing them.
Which brings to the fore what the Government should do with foreign nationals it suspects of terrorism but can't deport on human rights grounds.
This painful autobiographical novel brings to the fore the human propensity to inflict pain on others.
The booklet brings to the fore the voices of ordinary Afghans, women, men and children.
WE can only hope that Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill is not all just talk and brings to the fore the battle against crime, vandalism, hooliganism and general lawlessness in Scotland.
A modal force such as beauty is hard to imagine as an independently acting force." It is this interdependence (not only of beauty and laughter, but of ugliness and tears) that Okantah brings to the fore ground in his small tome of poems.
brings to the fore one problem many regulators and legislators struggle to get a handle on: the distinction between "agent" and broker."