bring (something) into force

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bring (something) into force

To cause something to apply, begin operating, or take effect; to begin implementing or enforcing something. The new government has vowed to bring several policies into force, aimed at helping struggling citizens get by. The new law will be brought into force on the first of January.
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bring something into ˈforce


come into ˈforce

make a rule, law, etc. start being used; start being used: The government says it will bring the new rules into force on July the first.After the new housing law comes into force, we will find it easier to buy our own home.
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Moscow: The Bank of Russia brings into force from 1 May 2016 its guidelines for standardisation 'Information Security of the Banking System of the Russian Federation.
The motion approved without a vote brings into force parts of the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 2003 which could not be done at the time.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-1 June 2004-Finnish administrative court brings into force residual tax for YIT Corporation(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
This brings into force the trade and trade-related provisions of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement signed in May 1998, which is still in the process of ratification.