bring (someone or something) together

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bring (someone or something) together

1. To unite people for a certain occasion. Thank you for bringing us together, sis—we really need to try to spend more time together as a family.
2. To unite people on a certain issue. What will it take to bring the two sides together to finally agree on a contract?
3. To put in close proximity all the components necessary to complete a task. We should bring all the pieces from the box together before we start trying to assemble the desk.
See also: bring, together

bring someone together

1. Lit. to cause people to gather into a group. He brought everyone together in the drawing room. They were brought together in a large conference room.
2. Fig. to attempt to get people to agree with one another. I tried to bring them together, but they are too stubborn. They could not be brought together on a price.
See also: bring, together

bring something together

to assemble things; to gather things together. Thank you for bringing everything together so we can begin work. We brought together all the tools that we needed.
See also: bring, together
References in classic literature ?
Gad, I begin to perceive now why she was always bringing us together at Queen's Crawley," Rawdon said.
psl is one of the biggest sporting events for our amazing nation, bringing us together and hosting the opening ceremony is an honor for me as a actor, as a producer and most importantly a Pakistani.
PSL is one of the biggest sporting events for our amazing nation, bringing us together and hosting the opening ceremony is an honour for me as an actor, as a producer and most importantly a Pakistani,' stated Hareem Farooq talking about hosting the PSL opening ceremony.
Thank you to Senator Franken for bringing us together again this year to share in this Minnesota specialty.
Gill said: "We especially wanted it to be at the Harvest celebration so we could give thanks to God for bringing us together.
I thank the snow for bringing us together, renewing my reason for living.
Of the quick drive to the hospital what I remember most is moonlit silence, a clear space ahead where I saw the skein of chance bringing us together was more delicate than a hummingbird's feather.
We have free hospital parking, free prescriptions, free bus travel for OAPs and a promised transformation of the road and rail links between North and South, bringing us together as a nation.
They are the linchpin sat the very centre of our communities, bringing us together, touching so many of our lives in different ways and helping each of us feel safer and more secure.
Marketing manager Simon Wade said: "Becoming part of the regional image campaign is a fantastic way of bringing us together with other companies in the region.
I thought our coach did a great job of bringing us together and making us into a football team.
Vanessa is easily one of the best singer song writers that I have ever been around in my entire life and I thank God for bringing us together and for her believing in me and giving me the opportunity to show the world what I have seen.