bring (someone or something) together

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bring (someone or something) together

1. To unite people for a certain occasion. Thank you for bringing us together, sis—we really need to try to spend more time together as a family.
2. To unite people on a certain issue. What will it take to bring the two sides together to finally agree on a contract?
3. To put in close proximity all the components necessary to complete a task. We should bring all the pieces from the box together before we start trying to assemble the desk.
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bring someone together

1. Lit. to cause people to gather into a group. He brought everyone together in the drawing room. They were brought together in a large conference room.
2. Fig. to attempt to get people to agree with one another. I tried to bring them together, but they are too stubborn. They could not be brought together on a price.
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bring something together

to assemble things; to gather things together. Thank you for bringing everything together so we can begin work. We brought together all the tools that we needed.
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References in classic literature ?
She was in hopes that the evening would afford some opportunity of bringing them together; that the whole of the visit would not pass away without enabling them to enter into something more of conversation than the mere ceremonious salutation attending his entrance.
We shall have to invent some ingenious kind of lots which the less worthy may draw on each occasion of our bringing them together, and then they will accuse their own ill-luck and not the rulers.
Represented by one of her close associates, Hajia Binta Muazu, the First Lady told both the Fulani and Adara communities affected in the crisis that, God in His wisdom has reasons for bringing them together, therefore, they must live together in peace and harmony.
Talking about how these kinds of events help the community, the ambassador said,"The community members are busy with daily routines and this kind of an activity would create a platform of bringing them together in an entertaining atmosphere.
"Central to this is identifying issues of local importance and the people affected by them, and bringing them together with other people to take action.
Each of these characters experiences Budapest in a different way, but evil has a way of ferreting them out and bringing them together in order to carry out a horribly nefarious plan.
By taking multiple aspects of the core production system and bringing them together into one machine, the Series LL systems offer a versatile, integrated approach to core production.
Pagels is on the side of those who would replace such an "us-and-them" attitude, which tends to separate people from each other, with a "we" attitude, which contributes to bringing them together. Thus, a great virtue of her book is the contribution it makes to fostering unification and tolerance.
They are to be commended for acknowledging the vast differences between each field's take on this increasingly popular approach and for bringing them together in a single volume for readers to study.