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He also complained that council officers had failed to provide, and even withheld, critical information from him and, in some cases, from Cllr Ward, around the GMB payment; | Seeking to undermine low-paid workers and bringing them to heel by rejecting union offers over disputes around bins and the enablement service; | Being in thrall to council officers who were "too powerful" and not doing their jobs well.
Legislators need to speed the process of bringing them to heel
It was all about bringing them to heel, curbing their excesses.
You say the Tories are in banks' pockets and have no interest in bringing them to heel...
With not one jot of regard for the husband who adored her, she bedded a whole host of men for no other reason than to feed her gargantuan ego by bringing them to heel with sex.
The real put-down comes in the jowly form of the man who has been left to do the job of bringing them to heel.