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bring back

1. To cause something to regain its former popularity. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "bring" and "back." Yeah, let's not bring back the leisure suit—it's not a good look for anyone. Several new artists seem to be bringing '80s pop back.
2. To return an item to its owner or to its original place. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "bring" and "back." You can borrow my textbook, but please bring it back tomorrow so I can study for the test. I need to bring back these books to the library by Thursday.
3. To bring someone to a particular place or person. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "bring" and "back." I'm taking my niece to the zoo tomorrow afternoon and then bringing her back to her dad's house afterward. You should bring back Dana to our house after your meeting, I want to talk to her.
4. To induce memories of one's past. That song brings back such fond memories of my childhood.
5. To reanimate a person or animal that has died. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "bring" and "back." I would give anything to bring my father back—he died far too young. Do you think we'll ever bring back the woolly mammoth?
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bring someone or something back

to make someone or something return. (See also bring something back to life.) Would you please bring the child back? Bring back my child!
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bring something back (to someone)

to remind someone of something. The funeral brought memories back. The warm winds brought back the old feeling of loneliness that I had experienced so many times in the tropics.
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bring something back

to restore an earlier style or practice. Please bring the good old days back. Bring back good times for all of us.
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|Did you love the Tiffin bar - or are there better chocolate bars that Cadbury could be bringing back? Email your favourites to james.
It is the Human Rights Act which prevents us bringing back hanging but the Human Rights Act does not take into account the victims or those family and friends left behind.
BugE-n's GE-lay GE[micro]ktE-rk thinks there are a group of people who believe that Erdoy-an will bring back capital punishment, and he will use this as a ticket to become president after the presidential system change; however, she says she does not think Erdoy-an is serious about bringing back capital punishment.
"A lot of people say Scottish football is rubbish and keep slagging it off but how great is the English Premier QQUOTE OF THE DAY ''Would Scottish football be any 'quote in hersdfjhgfasdasda better by bringing back standing ghjfasdhgfasdhgfasdhgfasdh at grounds?
For instance, discipline flew out through the window years ago, so what about bringing back the headteacher's cane - a splendid deterrent.
Charo feels she's bringing back to Vegas something the city lost with the showman's death from AIDS complications in 1987, a point not lost on one critic who raved that she is bringing Las Vegas back to Las Vegas.
"We're restoring the ecosystem by planting native trees and bringing back the historic fire regime," Wetzel says.
We want to project to climbers of the next century that you need to learn from the past, but can still summit the mountain successfully and do it in an environmentally friendly way--actually look at the stuff you're bringing in and creating, not just what you're bringing back."
Guidi is delighted to be bringing back Benois's designs, and says that they are using all the elements of the Goya-like set, with its tables, large hanging lamp, and balcony.
A real estate professional and an engineer have teamed up to start an elevator maintenance company that they say is bringing back personalized service to offer building owners and operators creative and cost-effective solutions.
Court directed interior ministry to inform it about recording statement of Pervez Musharraf and bringing back him to Pakistan on next hearing besides adjourning the hearing till October 9.
The task force set up by the new government for bringing back all ill-gotten wealth from abroad has started functioning.
According to the PIA sources on Sunday, the first post-Hajj flights PK-3006 for Karachi and PK-3002 for Islamabad will reach their respective destinations, bringing back more than 700 pilgrims.
The court also sought appearance of owner of the airline, Malik Ahsan Sehbai, to convey the court order for taking immediate action on bringing back from China the Pakistani nationals who got stuck up at the airport due to cancellation of the flight operation of the Shaheen Air when it failed to pay dues to the tune of Rs 1.5 billion to Civil Aviation.
States SC wishes toassist government in bringing back fundsISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Saqib Nisar, whilehearing asuomotucase of foreign bank accounts held by Pakistanis observed that the Supreme Court (SC) can summon the richest 100 Pakistanis and ask them to provide details of their assets, adding that even though the court is accused of exceeding its jurisdiction, it does not wish to leave an adverse impact on the economy through its decisions.The CJP further added that the apex court wants to assist the government in bringing back funds taken out of the country and parked in foreign bank accounts and that the court will not rush the case, as it seeks to see how the capital taken abroad can be brought back to the country.
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