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Gazing at the irrefutable optimism depicted in these glossy candy colors and wee winks and smiles, it is difficult not to refer to Takashi Murakami's Superflat movement, and the associated (total bringdown) criticism that the work is little more than lowbrow, pop-concepts thrust into a highbrow arena.
Dear down-trodden Deirdre had a truly barnstorming bringdown for high-scoring ex-hubby Ken Barlow in Coronation Street when she caught him in bed with head teacher Sue Jeffers: "I don't suppose you were showing her your cardigan collection."
of Users (000) in 2001 (8,881) (6,544) (6,907) (6,216) (6,343) Table 3 Contraceptive Prevalence Rates under Multiple Method Scenarios (% of Married Women of Reproductive Age MWRA) Target: Bringdown TFR from 5.5 to 4.5 Change in Change in No Three Prop.
She deflated a tipsy Dr Cameron with a scathing Mr High & Mighty bringdown after he had blurted out about never proposing to her.