bring (someone or something) up to date

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bring (someone or something) up to date

To share or incorporate the most current information about someone or something. Bring me up to date on these candidates for the job. This schedule doesn't include the latest changes—can you bring it up to date?
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bring someone or something up-to-date

to modernize someone or something. We brought the room up-to-date with a little paint and some modern furniture. I can bring you up-to-date with a new hairdo.
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bring someone up-to-date (on someone or something)

to inform someone of the latest information about something. Let me bring you up-to-date on what is happening in the village. Please bring me up-to-date.
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bring up to date

Convey information up to the present; also, make one aware of or conform to new ideas, improvements, or styles. For example, Bring me up to date on the test results, or We've been bringing Grandma up to date with a little makeup and some new clothes. The term up to date comes from bookkeeping, where it signifies account entries to the present time. [Late 1800s]
See also: bring, date, up
References in periodicals archive ?
The articles by Dan Stockman (Page 1) and Nuri Vallbona (Page 9) bring us up-to-date on the situation.
However, the collection lacks the significant consideration of several of Vizenor's latest works, including Almost Ashore (2006) and Bear Island: The War at Sugar Point (2005), which would truly bring us up-to-date.
in school health services will bring us up-to-date with the advanced technology
A forum spokesman said: "She previously represented the NFU in their Brussels office and is ideally placed to bring us up-to-date information on developments.
Articles about the Leave No Trace courses, Climate Week, Trees for Life Project and Growing Schools bring us up-to-date with activities around the country.
We have a good line up of speakers who will bring us up-to-date on their experiences with lessons learned that could benefit all of us.
In a note addressed from 10 Downing Street, Mrs Wilson writes: "I have only one complaint about Crossroads - I wish that we in London could have a six-month synopsis to bring us up-to-date with the story, so that we don't have to celebrate Christmas at the motel in the middle of summer
station managers can't wait to bring us up-to-date.
Dear Dr: Donohue: Will you bring us up-to-date on tarsal tunnel syndrome--what it is and how it's treated?
For an hour and a half on Tuesday, May 14, three distinguished MS researchers will bring us up-to-date on the latest ideas and findings in genetics, gender differences, and complementary and alternative therapies.
In vain; I had hoped that he would at least bring us up-to-date news of the Seven.
In the following pages, executives at the biggest B2B operations in the region share their war stories and bring us up-to-date on how strategy--not just efficiency--has been paramount.
To bring us up-to-date, the issue further includes a history of the past 15 years written by Anita Cochran, who also happens to be chairman of the Fortieth Anniversary Committee, and a personal retrospective and "Self-Assessment Procedure" on ACM, written by ERic A.