bring (someone or something) together

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bring (someone or something) together

1. To unite people for a certain occasion. Thank you for bringing us together, sis—we really need to try to spend more time together as a family.
2. To unite people on a certain issue. What will it take to bring the two sides together to finally agree on a contract?
3. To put in close proximity all the components necessary to complete a task. We should bring all the pieces from the box together before we start trying to assemble the desk.
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bring someone together

1. Lit. to cause people to gather into a group. He brought everyone together in the drawing room. They were brought together in a large conference room.
2. Fig. to attempt to get people to agree with one another. I tried to bring them together, but they are too stubborn. They could not be brought together on a price.
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bring something together

to assemble things; to gather things together. Thank you for bringing everything together so we can begin work. We brought together all the tools that we needed.
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References in classic literature ?
Now I understood that the same road was to bring us together again.
Take the kiss I have put for you here, where the little circle is drawn on the paper; and let that bring us together for the present till I write again.
It took the saloon to bring us together. Even so, our acquaintance might have been no more than a hand-grip and a word-- he was a laconic old fellow--had it not been for the drinking.
Some trifling event will bring us together the next time--as trifling, I dare say, as the engagement of Ferrari.
As the chances of life have brought us together again, and may bring us together on other occasions, I would say, let us meet here as distant acquaintances.
She had adopted Estella, she had as good as adopted me, and it could not fail to be her intention to bring us together. She reserved it for me to restore the desolate house, admit the sunshine into the dark rooms, set the clocks a-going and the cold hearths a-blazing, tear down the cobwebs, destroy the vermin - in short, do all the shining deeds of the young Knight of romance, and marry the Princess.
The Northern Governorate organized the camp last July under the theme "Nation and King bring us together", drawing up 430 students who took part in the event.
Full of delightful craftiness, this story shows how the best gifts are the ones that bring us together.
However, we do agree over many things, and we share the same principles and the same international institutions bring us together," she added.
We are committed to supporting initiatives that bring us together and keep us connected."
Our love for it will continue to bring us together as it lends us strength, pride, and a competitive spirit.
"Following the suicide, former US President Barack Obama, who appeared on "Parts Unknown" in a segment shot in Vietnam last year, mourned Anthony's death in a tweet."He taught us about food but more importantly, about its ability to bring us together," Mr Obama wrote.
13 with a plea for Trump to bring us together. Really.
He taught us about food - but more importantly, about its ability to bring us together. To make us a little less afraid of the unknown.
This song will bring us together and make us stronger for this (general) election,' he told a press conference after joining the Manjoi residents for breakfast at Kampung Tengku Hussin Baru here today.