bring (someone or something) to (someone's or something's) knees

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bring (someone or something) to (someone's or something's) knees

1. To render a person or group submissive by weakening or defeating them. The general believes that such an attack will bring the opposing troops to their knees.
2. To disrupt or halt a process or thing. Unfortunately, a broken printer has brought the mailing project to its knees. Many fear that all of these new regulations will bring the stock market to its knees.
See also: bring, knee

bring to one's knees

Make one submit; reduce to a position of subservience. For example, Solitary confinement usually brings prisoners to their knees. This particular phrase dates only from the late 1800s, although there were earlier versions alluding to being on one's knees as a gesture of submission.
See also: bring, knee

bring someone to their knees

If something brings a person to their knees, it makes them extremely weak or tired. The pressure of other people's expectations brought me almost to my knees. Note: You can also say that someone is on their knees. Several times this afternoon he had sounded as if he were on his knees.
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bring something to its knees

COMMON If something brings a country or organization to its knees, it damages or destroys them. The country was brought to its knees after a wave of strikes. Uncontrolled lending brought the economy to its knees. Note: You can also say that a country or organization is on its knees. The Government was on its knees.
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bring someone or something to their knees

reduce someone or something to a state of weakness or submission.
1997 Sunday Times Doom and gloom merchants everywhere are predicting all kinds of plagues befalling the world's computer systems anytime now, bringing business to its knees.

bring somebody to their ˈknees

show somebody that they are weak; defeat somebody, especially in a war
See also: bring, knee, somebody

bring something to its ˈknees

badly affect an organization, etc. so that it can no longer function: The strikes brought the industry to its knees.
See also: bring, knee, something

bring to (one's) knees

To reduce to a position of subservience or submission.
See also: bring, knee
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In yet another reminder of North Korea's continued mistrust of the United States, its foreign ministry said earlier Wednesday it won't surrender to U.S.-led sanctions and accused Washington of trying to "bring us to our knees."
The longings can frustrate the best of us but they are just prayers that bring us to our knees and crumple the proud of us.
These are among the realities in our lives that bring us to our knees to ask forgiveness of God and forgiveness of one another.
Speaking at AK Partys Provincial Advisory Council Meeting in Trabzon, President Erdogan underscored that they continue to walk toward their 2023 goals with determination, adding: They assumed that they would bring us to our knees by not giving us defense industry products.
'Those who assume they can bring us to our knees through economic manipulations don't know our nation at all,' Erdogan said in Gumushane near the Black Sea, where he was breaking ground for a new roadway.
Sayyid Abdulmalek Badruddin Al-Houthi" America has benefited greatly from the separation of some people between their attitudes from it and Israel." The Ansarullah leader also praised the resistance of the Yemeni nation against the Saudi-led aggression, saying, "They wanted to bring us to our knees. However, they did not expect us to mount such spirited resistance because we do not want to give them any concessions.
"Our adversaries thought they would bring us to our knees and we would capitulate, but this didn't happen."He dismissed any suggestion that Qatar Air might delay aircraft orders because of the blockade or slowing travel growth in the Middle East.
They embarrass us as a country, but for those who have repented from a damaging and destructive past, the images should bring us to our knees in prayer."
A testament to the power of love which can bring us to our knees with the loss of one so loved can yet also inspire, embolden and so change our world.
Waiting another month won't bring us to our knees, and they'll probably taste better to boot.
"Those people wanted to bring us to our knees, but they brought us to our feet.
On the contrary, he always hastened to help the Palestinian people in time of need when nearly everyone else watched us passively languish in pain, whether under Israeli bombardment or under hermetic siege, designed to bring us to our knees. Sheikh Hamad visited Gaza when no other Arab ruler dared to set foot on the soil of the coastal enclave, which proved itself a perpetual thorn in Israel's side.
Both PEO and SEK said yesterday they would see how the weekend talks went before deciding further action but warned they would mobilise members from all sectors if necessary for an all-out strike."It appears that some people think they can bring us to our knees, that they can bend us, and that under these circumstances where everyone is thinking of their families, tomorrow and their jobs that it is an opportunity to take advantage of the workers," head of PEO Pambis Kyritsis declared.
Just perfection, will it bring us to our knees? We cannot wait, till spring is here.
A leap forward in time to presentday New York and the resurrected evil Prince (an imperious Luke Goss) is looking to resurrect the Army and bring us to our knees once again.