bring (someone) into the world

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bring (someone) into the world

1. To give birth to a baby. It's a big responsibility to bring a baby into the world.
2. To assist the birth of a baby. Dr. Brown is a fine obstetrician—she brought all three of my kids into the world.
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bring someone into the world

Fig. to deliver a baby; to attend the birth of someone. The doctor who brought me into the world died last week. I was brought into the world by a kindly old doctor.
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bring into the world

Also, bring forth. Give birth, as in It's certainly easier to bring a child into the world when you have a definite means of support , or "Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and bring forth a son" (Matthew 1:23). Both versions of this term have a somewhat archaic ring. [First half of 1400s]
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Speaking further, Adeshina said 'So we believe that this ApiExpo is going to bring us into the world map of honey producing nation by the time we host it and we are able to draw interest from people, it may not be overnight, but by the time people see, especially the rural dwellers whose business is mainly farming, by the time they see and able to be convinced that by keeping one or two hives in their farms will boost their harvest, then they will be encouraged to add additional hives and apart from pollinating of their crops by the bees, they will also be getting addition income from honey, from proponents, bee venom, and several others bee hive products'.
Most of the above quotation resonates with me except for the line "live in the present moment." It's not that I am objecting to "living in the present moment," but to live wisely in the present moment for me means to be ever present of knowing how history brings us to the present moment and how planning for the future will bring us into the world of our dreams.