bring (someone or something) into line

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bring (someone or something) into line

1. Literally, to align something with something else. That crooked picture frame is really bothering me—can I please bring it into line with the others?
2. To cause someone or something to conform, adhere to, or agree with that which is established or generally accepted, such as rules, beliefs, modes of behavior, etc. You might have some wild ideas for the future, but you'll never get anywhere in this business if you don't bring your actions into line with your boss's expectations. You need to talk to that new student and bring him into line with the rules of our school.
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bring someone or something into line

 (with someone or something)
1. . Lit. to make someone or something even with someone or something. I brought the books into line with the others on the shelf. I brought Jimmy into line with the other scouts.
2. Fig. to make someone or something conform to someone or something. We brought Ted into line with the guidelines. Sam brought his proposal into line with the company standards.
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bring into line

see under fall in line.
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bring somebody/something into ˈline (with somebody/something)

make somebody/something behave, function, etc. in the same way as other people, organizations, etc: We’re trying to bring our production methods more into line with our Japanese competitors.He’s a very clever child but he’s naughty. I feel that he needs bringing into line a bit.
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"Such a number would bring us into line with comparable commitments made by other countries.
"To have this facility will bring us into line with nations across the world.
"This step will bring us into line with neighbouring authorities and has been taken partly in response to the financial constraints we are facing and our ongoing drive to become more efficient."
Politicians at Holyrood have repeatedly called for the limit to be dropped from the current level of 80mg of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, to 50mg of alcohol, to bring us into line with the rest of Europe.
Kenny Mac Askill's determination to bring us into line with Europe is a step in the right direction.
This will bring us into line with many of the existing IT service providers and improve the quality of service we give to our customers.
This will bring us into line with the Australian Association of Stomal Therapy Nurses and ensure there is a conference each year in either New Zealand or Australia.
"That would bring us into line with the United States and other European Union countries."We have a situation where Chief Constable Hugh Orde is privy to information obtained through telephone surveillance but it cannot be used in court.
The aim behind the controversial new Horse Passports (England) Regulations is to bring us into line with current European laws, which have been designed to ensure that animals treated with veterinary medicines, not for use in food animals, cannot be slaughtered for human consumption.
``Wirral has had much cheaper school meals than other boroughs on Merseyside and the price rise will bring us into line with them.
The move has been taken to bring us into line with the rest of European football.
He explained: "It would bring us into line with the French and would reduce the disparity between England and Ireland."
"We would now like the UK Government to go further by reducing this levy across all bands, which will bring us into line with our nearest international competitors, who are busy reducing or in many cases abolishing their respective air taxes, and make the UK a more attractive destination for airlines.