bring up-to-date

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bring (someone or something) up to date

To share or incorporate the most current information about someone or something. Bring me up to date on these candidates for the job. This schedule doesn't include the latest changes—can you bring it up to date?
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bring someone or something up-to-date

to modernize someone or something. We brought the room up-to-date with a little paint and some modern furniture. I can bring you up-to-date with a new hairdo.
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bring someone up-to-date (on someone or something)

to inform someone of the latest information about something. Let me bring you up-to-date on what is happening in the village. Please bring me up-to-date.
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How long ago was it that the infamous SFA 'think tank' was first mooted, a meeting of soccer minds which would radicalise, transform, shake up, clear out, bring up-to-date Scottish football at all levels?
As local banks labor to bring up-to-date technology to the remote, smaller communities of Utah and surrounding states, Hrinko hopes to see his affordable service available in Utah within the next year or so.
The research reports bring up-to-date, accurate and actionable investment ideas to investors.
ABOUT BurnWorld BurnWorld provides a resource for veteran and newbie DVD burners alike to learn about the industry and new technologies; its mission is to bring up-to-date, accurate information about DVD burning to all users.
But Mr Justice Hedley gave Darren Wyatt and his wife Debbie permission to bring up-to-date expert evidence to court.
But Mr Justice Hedley gave Darren Wyatt and his wife Debbie, originally from Birmingham, permission to bring up-to-date expert evidence to court.
The Libraries, each comprising some 90 specially selected books, bring up-to-date information on family and community health, disease prevention, health promotion and health services training to nurses who have limited access to reference books.
Through stand-alone programs or in partnership with center-based services, these programs educate families; bring up-to-date information about health, child development and school readiness; work to develop children's literacy and language skills; and connect parents to resources.