bring under control

bring (someone or something) under (one's) control

1. To assume a position of power over a person, group, or thing. The terms of the treaty bring our country under the king's control. I think you'll have a hard time bringing the department under your control—they're very loyal to their old boss.
2. To assert control over someone or something, especially to limit their or its actions or potentially negative effects. In this usage, a pronoun does not need to be used between "under" and "control." Thankfully, the teacher was able to bring all the screaming kids under control.
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bring someone or something under one's control

to achieve dominion over someone or something. The dictator was at last able to bring the army under his control. Harry could not bring Ron under his control. Walter could not be brought under Lily's control.
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bring/get/keep something under conˈtrol

succeed in dealing with something so that it does not cause any harm: It took two hours to bring the fire under control.Please keep your dog under control!
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References in classic literature ?
So Rebecca, during her stay at Queen's Crawley, made as many friends of the Mammon of Unrighteousness as she could possibly bring under control. Lady Jane and her husband bade her farewell with the warmest demonstrations of good-will.
Teams of firefighters bring under control the fire that gutted the commercial center KUWAIT, Oct 24 (KUNA) -- Teams of firefighters have brought under control a fire that gutted a commercial center in Al-Dajeej area in the wee hours of Wednesday, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) said.
Appliances from Spennymoor, Durham and Bishop Auckland attended the blaze, which they managed to bring under control after 45 minutes.
Just before 3pm, another fire broke out in Tsada, taking over 90 minutes to bring under control. It caused damage to a hectare of scrubland, wild vegetation and trees, and at one point threatened residential areas.
A fire service spokesman said: "This was an intense fire which took a number of hours to bring under control.
Two engines from Tynemouth Fire Station were called to fight the fire which took around two hours to bring under control.
Firefighters from Radford Road and Binley stations were called at 6.20pm to the blaze in London Road, Willenhall, which took until 10.30pm to bring under control.
A spokeswoman for the South Wales fire service said four fire engines were called to deal with the fire which took just over an houranahalf to bring under control.
Actions taken to bring under control the size and cost of government are significant, both from the standpoint of the fiscal well-being of the city, and from the perception that New York's competitiveness and attractiveness as a business location are being enhanced.
MARTIAN LANDSCAPE A firefighter walks across the fell after the blaze which took hours to bring under control. Picture: North News ref: 01111699
It took more than 50 of them three hours to bring under control the blaze that swept through Cardiff's Coal Exchange building in September 1984.
A dog, believed to be stray, was killed in the fire which took less than an hour to bring under control, although firefighters continued to monitor the smouldering building throughout the day.