bring together

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bring (someone or something) together

1. To unite people for a certain occasion. Thank you for bringing us together, sis—we really need to try to spend more time together as a family.
2. To unite people on a certain issue. What will it take to bring the two sides together to finally agree on a contract?
3. To put in close proximity all the components necessary to complete a task. We should bring all the pieces from the box together before we start trying to assemble the desk.
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bring someone together

1. Lit. to cause people to gather into a group. He brought everyone together in the drawing room. They were brought together in a large conference room.
2. Fig. to attempt to get people to agree with one another. I tried to bring them together, but they are too stubborn. They could not be brought together on a price.
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bring something together

to assemble things; to gather things together. Thank you for bringing everything together so we can begin work. We brought together all the tools that we needed.
See also: bring, together
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This year we bring together several veterans of the industry to remind us, in these relatively good times for the wine industry, that we have known good times and tough times.
The IMS Plugfest, the first in a series of IMS Plugfest events, will bring together service providers and IMS vendors committed to furthering the development of IMS certification, and will provide a unique opportunity to establish agreed upon requirements and criteria for IMS applications and services interoperability.
a leading provider of intelligent service procurement and vendor management solutions for the insurance claim industry, will bring together insurance industry executives and leading claim service providers for the 2006 Executive Claim Conference scheduled for September 19- 21, 2006, at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort & Casino, Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, in Arizona.
Themed "Meet Asia's Innovators," Red Herring will bring together over 200 C-level entrepreneurs, corporate strategists and venture financiers from the technology industry in Asia.
The Autism Gene Discovery Project embodies the mission of the Autism Consortium, as we aim to bring together world-recognized leaders in science and clinical medicine to conduct collaborative research focused on breakthroughs in autism," said Peter Barrett, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Autism Consortium.
This event will bring together leading real estate and mortgage professionals that are focused on increasing homeownership opportunities within the Asian American market.
Carles said, "Working at Gwathmey gives me the opportunity to bring together a broad scientific knowledge with applied sciences and business.
The timing is ideal to bring together thought-leaders from these two industries to exchange ideas and formulate strategies for future growth.
Early Warning Services will bring together the fraud prevention expertise of the owners with the intellectual property and assets of Primary Payment Systems (PPS) and IDLogix, to better fight fraud.
The conference will bring together a variety of experts to explore the opportunities and obstacles associated with the development and deployment of dynamic learning environments.
Now Business Objects EIM offerings bring together all the key technologies to make sure my company has trustworthy data.
Year after year we bring together an elite group of executives and industry leaders for CEO Conversation," said Joan Myers, president and chief executive officer of NCTA.