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EXCLUSIVELY IN THE MIRROR WHICH darts will Phil Taylor bring to the party tonight?
What they bring to the party is that they are one of the largest arrangers of Japanese equity to finance Japanese operating leases, said Mitchell Simpson, chief financial officer of Amentum.
This pokey little oil-burner puts has a whopping 175 horsepower to bring to the party, enough to launch the Megane Sport to 60mph in just over 8 seconds and still return around 40 miles to the gallon.
He even chats with you about how his little sister "borrowed" the CDs he planned to bring to the party.
It was nice to have the kids come up and throw effectively, but as far as what Ken Hill and Tim Belcher bring to the party, they can give us a big lift.
And I think what I bring to the party is a youthful kind of feel and a new kind of energy," Harrell says.
The bottom line is AMD has a lot to bring to the party, so we invite them as often as possible.
So whatever germs a dog might bring to the party, they can't be any more dangerous than the ones already there.
What storage virtualization does bring to the party, however, is a clear business purpose.
Philippe Lecomte, vendor co-ordinator at axion4gstp ltd, commented, "This represents yet another welcome development on the road to STP, as major vendors like SunGard have much experience and valuable technologies to bring to the party.
The more media assets they bring to the party the more value we can provide our advertising partners.