bring to life

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bring (someone or something) to life

1. Literally, to revive one who has lost consciousness. After Lily fainted, we used smelling salts to bring her to life.
2. By extension, to energize someone, especially after a period of inactivity or lethargy. A: "OK, schedule Tuesday's meeting, get John on the phone, and then come in my office so we can all discuss that big project." B: "Wow, that cup of coffee really brought you to life!"
3. To revitalize something that has become dull or stale. The new CEO's creative approach really brought that failing company to life.
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bring someone or something to life

Fig. to give vigor or vitality to someone or something; to reactivate someone or something. (See also bring something back to life.) A little singing and dancing would have brought the play to life. Some coffee will bring you to life.
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bring to life

Enliven or energize a person or thing. For example, The promise of a big part in the play brought Jane to life, or The author's changes really brought this screenplay to life. [c. 1300] Also see come to life.
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bring somebody/something to ˈlife

make somebody/something more lively, interesting or attractive: It was only her performance that brought the movie to life.If you put a couple of pictures on the wall it might bring the room to life a bit.

bring to life

1. To cause to regain consciousness.
2. To put spirit into; animate.
3. To make lifelike.
See also: bring, life
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A struggle with drugs is almost impossible to bring to life in ways that compel our interest rather than our sympathy, and when you are dramatizing the life of someone like Gia Carangi -- who seems more a totem of pre-AIDS excess than a character sufficiently complex for a full-length feature -- such a challenge can defeat even the greatest of filmakers.
98) receives a fine dual narration by Bobby Cannavale and Scott Sowers and whose combined, powerful voices bring to life the story of a killer's countdown, a detective pulled from his vacation with his ten adopted kids to solve the crimes, and the threat that reaches into his own home life from the 'Tick Tock Killer'.
Whimsical, full-color illustrations bring to life the smartly written verses, such as "K is for Kafka killing some time" (brought to life with a picture of the enthusiastic Maine Coone cat Kafka attacking the mechanical chirping bird of a Swiss cuckoo clock)
Recipes are featured on the new and fourth season of the PBS series 'Mexico One Plate at a Time' and bring to life the flavors to be found in a daily Mexican kitchen.
Color illustrations on every page bring to life this wild west-themed adventure, though an abundance of text makes The Return of Pete Pack Rat perfect for young readers on the cusp of making the transition to chapter books.
He uses his considerable talents as an actor to bring to life one of England's most famous authors.
Hilarious rhymes lend to read-aloud and zany drawings by Jim Harris bring to life a vivid remake of a classic.