bring to justice

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bring (one) to justice

To punish one for a crime committed. My lawyer is confident that we can bring the man who stole my money to justice. The court must bring this criminal to justice.
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bring someone to justice

Fig. to punish someone for a crime. The police officer swore she would not rest until she had brought the killer to justice. Years later, the rapist was found out and finally brought to justice.
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Two years ago Bulgaria's tax authorities found it difficult to bring to justice those tax evaders, who were revealed to hold about EUR 200 M in Swiss banks after a stolen disk of Swiss banking data was bought by Germany.
He describes at great lengths Cambodian positions that led to long delays in setting up a tribunal to bring to justice those responsible for the grossly excessive crimes of the Pol Pot regime.
Attorney General Eric Holder has moved aggressively today to assure justice for millions of manipulated and swindled Americans pursuing the dream of home ownership -- and to bring to justice the mortgage lenders that violated the law and common decency with their unscrupulous predatory practices.
Summary: Paris - France fully trusts the Moroccan authorities to carry out investigations into the Marrakech bombing and bring to justice the perpetrators of this "coward" attack, president Sarkozy said on Tuesday.
AaAaAa The human rights defense NGOAa "follows the situation of human rights in the region and maintains its constant position calling the international community to bring to justice the perpetrators of human rights breachesAa in the region", Sektaoui said.
A total of 321 people have been given secret identities since 2004 when the scheme was overhauled to help bring to justice the killers of New Year partygoers Letisha Shakespeare and Charlene Ellis.
Latin American human rights activists working to bring to justice leaders of Plan Condor, an intelligence-sharing initiative that united military dictatorships in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay from the 1970s and '80s, are seeing progress.
He accepted during the meeting that logistically it would be impossible to bring to justice those responsible through a British operation.