bring to a close

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bring (something) to a close

To cause something to end. If there are no other issues to discuss, we can bring this meeting to a close.
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bring something to a close

 and bring something to an end; bring something to a climax
to end something; to cause something to reach its final point and stop. I think it is time to bring this matter to a close. The incident has been brought to a climax.
See also: bring, close
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We want to find a way to bring to an end the conflict.
If they are ready to bring to an end the conflict we are ready to find places to compensate them in other territories which are more necessary.
Mahmoud Abbas used to be under his strategy that with terror you can bring to an end Israel.
For a number of reasons it was no longer sustainable and with a heavy heart we decided to bring to an end our involvement with the Airtricity League of Ireland.
2 : to bring to an end in a particular way <One vote could decide the election.
2 : to bring to an end : terminate <The businessmen dissolved their partnership.
wrap up 1 : to bring to an end <Let's wrap up this meeting.