bring to account

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bring (one) to account

To confront or question one about one's wrongdoings. That's it—the next time I see Rachel, I'm bringing her to account! I simply can't tolerate her selfish behavior any longer. I'm sure the boss is going to bring me to account for my outburst during the meeting.
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bring someone to account

Fig. to confront someone with a record of misdeeds and errors. The committee decided to bring Martha to account. Martha was brought to account by the committee.
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IN my letter Bring To Account (27.01.10) I raised concern that NHS Charities worth pounds 330m were at risk of being nationalised under new Government accounting rules to be introduced in April 2010, meaning that charitable donations would count as gifts to the state.
"It's essential that we take action to bring to account those who perpetrated the events of September 11 .
Amman, Feb 19 (Petra) -- The Journalists Freedom Protection Centre JFPC on Saturday called on authorities to bring to account unidentified men who attacked and injured demonstrators at a pro-reform march that set off after Friday prayers at the Al Husseini Mosque in downtown Amman.
ANTHONY Taylor is right to bring to account Geoffrey Bulmer for his lack of balance concerning the Israeli attack on Gaza, home of the fascist Hamas government (Rocket Call Wasn't Understanding, 03.09.09).