bring (someone or something) up to date

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bring (someone or something) up to date

To share or incorporate the most current information about someone or something. Bring me up to date on these candidates for the job. This schedule doesn't include the latest changes—can you bring it up to date?
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bring someone or something up-to-date

to modernize someone or something. We brought the room up-to-date with a little paint and some modern furniture. I can bring you up-to-date with a new hairdo.
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bring someone up-to-date (on someone or something)

to inform someone of the latest information about something. Let me bring you up-to-date on what is happening in the village. Please bring me up-to-date.
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bring up to date

Convey information up to the present; also, make one aware of or conform to new ideas, improvements, or styles. For example, Bring me up to date on the test results, or We've been bringing Grandma up to date with a little makeup and some new clothes. The term up to date comes from bookkeeping, where it signifies account entries to the present time. [Late 1800s]
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The authority needs to bring them up-to-date and make sure they meet current expectations in relation to animal welfare - as well as those of customers and businesses.
But with many auditoriums aging, the industry has called repeatedly over the past decade for public investment to bring them up-to-date. A 2003 report by the Theatres Trust called for 250m pounds to be ploughed into the venues.
"While these rental properties represent some of the finest East Orange has to offer, they are in need of some repair and improvements to bring them up-to-date," said Adam Mermelstein, a TreeTop principal.
However, it was confirmed that there is a need to organise a sustainable training programme for teachers in order to bring them up-to-date with new information and technological developments regarding nutrition.
Under the terms of the contract, some of the existing units will be refurbished to bring them up-to-date and in keeping with the quality and style of building throughout the rest of the centre.
In May 1992, Savin's survival strategy (the same debt-to-equity conversion plan) was presented to the stakeholders, including an unofficial committee of major bondholders, which was formed to bring them up-to-date on the company's status.
This gives time to chat to advisors at the Jobcentre, answer any of their questions and bring them up-to-date with their clients' progress, also make some calls, gather my thoughts and make notes of things to do when I get back to the office.