bring (one) to justice

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bring (one) to justice

To punish one for a crime committed. My lawyer is confident that we can bring the man who stole my money to justice. The court must bring this criminal to justice.
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bring someone to justice

Fig. to punish someone for a crime. The police officer swore she would not rest until she had brought the killer to justice. Years later, the rapist was found out and finally brought to justice.
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bring somebody to ˈjustice

arrest somebody for a crime and put them on trial in a court of law: It is his job to bring the murderer to justice.
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QUETTA -- The Inspector General of Balochistan Police, Mohsin Hassan Butt, has said the police force is united and determined to defeat terrorists and their facilitators and bring them to justice.
Our obligation to bring them to justice pronto,' he said in a separate tweet as a response to another tweet asking if a Chinese triad may have been involved.
Awami League Joint General Secretary Advocate Jahangir Kabir Nanak Saturday demanded unmasking the local and international masterminds behind the assassination of Bangabandhu to bring them to justice, reports BSS.
He also assured that security agencies would spare no effort to apprehend the culprits and bring them to justice.
So today we have stood to demand the uncovering of the crime and those who stand behind it and bring them to justice to take their fair punishment.
He asked the law enforcing agencies to apprehend criminals involved in this cowardice attack and bring them to justice.
Panelo said the National Bureau of Investigation was ordered to look into the "dastardly crime," identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.
They said that the elements involved in the incident wanted to sabotage peace in Karachi and asked the law enforcing agencies to arrest them and bring them to justice.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Javed Iqbal has said that NAB apprehended 503 corrupt people to recover looted money and to bring them to justice during last one year.
The DIG expressed sympathies with the victim family and said, 'We are with you and will make all efforts to arrest the killers and bring them to justice'.
He said the government was trying its utmost to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.
Extensive resources have been committed to investigating this challenging investigation with a determination to identify the person responsible and bring them to justice.
The startup community of Sri Lanka has called on the government to identify individuals and groups that use social media to promote hate and bring them to justice, instead of censoring the Internet in the country.
The statement also underlined the "need to hold perpetrators, organisers, financiers and sponsors of these reprehensible acts of terrorism accountable and bring them to justice." (end) asf.mb
It stressed in a statement today that it is a crime condemned in the strongest terms, and reveals the danger of these terrorists, noting that justice and security authorities will bring them to justice for punishment, adding that the people of the Kingdom stand united behind their leadership and with security men against terrorists.