bring something to light

bring to light

To reveal something, often something inappropriate or illegal. The revealed information can be stated between "bring" and "to" or after "light." Discrepancies in the yearly budget report brought to light corruption in the company. I never wanted to be a whistleblower, but I'm the only one who can bring these documents to light.
See also: bring, light

bring something to ˈlight

show information, evidence, etc: The police investigation brought to light evidence of more than one crime.These documents have brought new information to light about Shakespeare’s early life.
See also: bring, light, something
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Either way, while you're whittling, let me bring something to light that will put a real gun in your hands and a figurative stick in the ribcage of the Cuomos and Bradys of the world: a 100 percent complete, fully functional AR-15 receiver that your cast in your own home.
Partnerships come under the illuminating rays of a full Moon that could bring something to light that connects to the past.
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