bring somebody/something to life

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bring someone or something to life

Fig. to give vigor or vitality to someone or something; to reactivate someone or something. (See also bring something back to life.) A little singing and dancing would have brought the play to life. Some coffee will bring you to life.
See also: bring, life

bring to life

Enliven or energize a person or thing. For example, The promise of a big part in the play brought Jane to life, or The author's changes really brought this screenplay to life. [c. 1300] Also see come to life.
See also: bring, life

bring somebody/something to ˈlife

make somebody/something more lively, interesting or attractive: It was only her performance that brought the movie to life.If you put a couple of pictures on the wall it might bring the room to life a bit.

bring to life

1. To cause to regain consciousness.
2. To put spirit into; animate.
3. To make lifelike.
See also: bring, life
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You can talk about Jim Crow, slavery and discrimination, but if you can bring somebody to life who has been through it and talk through their voice, as I hope I was able to do, I think that makes a difference," Brill said by telephone from her home in Wilmette, Ill.
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