bring somebody/something into line

bring (someone or something) into line

1. Literally, to align something with something else. That crooked picture frame is really bothering me—can I please bring it into line with the others?
2. To cause someone or something to conform, adhere to, or agree with that which is established or generally accepted, such as rules, beliefs, modes of behavior, etc. You might have some wild ideas for the future, but you'll never get anywhere in this business if you don't bring your actions into line with your boss's expectations. You need to talk to that new student and bring him into line with the rules of our school.
See also: bring, line

bring someone or something into line

 (with someone or something)
1. . Lit. to make someone or something even with someone or something. I brought the books into line with the others on the shelf. I brought Jimmy into line with the other scouts.
2. Fig. to make someone or something conform to someone or something. We brought Ted into line with the guidelines. Sam brought his proposal into line with the company standards.
See also: bring, line

bring into line

see under fall in line.
See also: bring, line

bring somebody/something into ˈline (with somebody/something)

make somebody/something behave, function, etc. in the same way as other people, organizations, etc: We’re trying to bring our production methods more into line with our Japanese competitors.He’s a very clever child but he’s naughty. I feel that he needs bringing into line a bit.
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