bring (someone or something) to a boil

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bring (someone or something) to a boil

1. Literally, to heat a liquid and cause it to boil. After you bring that water to a boil, we will add the pasta.
2. To cause someone to become very angry. Watch what you say to him—criticism of his novel tends to bring him to a boil. Please, stop yelling at me—I didn't mean to bring you to a boil!
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bring someone to a boil

Fig. to make someone very angry. This really brought her to a boil. She was fit to be tied. Lily was really brought to a boil by the news.
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bring something to a boil

to heat liquid to its boiling point; to make something boil. First, you must bring the soup to a boil.
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Add the cream sauce and bring it to a boil. Once boiling, turn off the heat and add cheese.