bring into play

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bring (something) into play

1. In sports, to hit or take the ball into the field of play so that the game can resume, as after a timeout or stoppage. He'll bring the ball into play and then pass it ahead to you.
2. To introduce something into a particular situation. Bringing a merger into play might be the best option to save the company. I really wanted to visit you this weekend, but the flu brought some other unpleasant factors into play.
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bring something into play

1. Lit. [in a ball game] to put the ball into the action of the game, such as after a timeout. Fred brought the ball into play when he bounced it in from the sidelines.
2. Fig. [for the shares of a company] to become the subject of a takeover bid. The recent drop in the value of that stock brought the company into play. The company was brought into play by a news story about their new product line.
3. Fig. to cause something to become a factor in something. Now, this recent development brings some other factors into play. Something else was brought into play by the strange event.
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bring/call/put something into ˈplay

make something begin to work or operate; involve something in something: The exercise brings many skills into play.This latest decision calls many new factors into play.
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Notes and a Bibliography bring into play recent studies on early theatrical scenery, interpretations of their relation to civi c life, and theoretical interests in the practical developments leading to modern theater.
''We would like to bring into play the methods of privatization in reviving the metropolis,'' Ishihara told Koizumi during 20-minute talks at the prime minister's official residence, the officials said.
Hetherton retained Encounter without a bid and consequently is able to bring into play the second stage of his strategy as he explained: "He will now carry a 6lb penalty in the Arthur Balding Handicap at Hamilton tomorrow night."
New technologies, new community-based programs, changes in existing programs, new budgetary guidelines, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and reauthorization of the Rehabilitation Act may all interact to reshape the ways in which rehabilitation professionals will identify and bring into play specific resources at the community, state, and national levels.
The exhibition also enabled one to discover Convert's sculptures, including his black or white wax casts of bells; these impenetrable objects, closed in on themselves, the very reverse of the expansion and dilation the architectural views bring into play.